Zotal, an expert antiparasitic firm for dogs

If there is an emblematic brand of animal disinfection in Spain this is Zotal. Its dog antiparasitic products are of great quality. Effectiveness against parasites and total respect for the safety and health of your pets is what they offer. If you are looking for first class antiparasitic products with excellent value for money, those manufactured by Zotal are definitely a great choice.

Parasital, the line of antiparasitic for dogs of Zotal

Parasital is the Zotal pet anti-parasitic protection line. Although it includes some products for cats, equines or birds, the bulk of it is specifically dedicated to dog antiparasites.

These products have the main function of driving away and eliminating the parasites that commonly attack dogs, both in urban and rural environments. And they always do so with extreme care for the safety and health of pets, as well as the humans with whom they live and relate.

Main features of Zotal dog antiparasitic

The use of Paraparasital dog antiparasital of Zotal has many advantages derived from its main characteristics.

– They are safe for both pets and people.

– They are practical. Products such as the dog antiparasites in the form of pipettes are intended to be a long-lasting treatment once applied.

-They are very easy to use products. Anti-parasitic items such as necklaces or repellent solution are extremely easy to use.

These are very effective products. They will prevent your pet from having problems with the external parasites.

-they are very comfortable for dogs. They will not cause any kind of discomfort, or during application, or later.

Main antiparasitic products for parasital dogs of Zotal

Parasitic repulsive pipettes, antiparasitic for long-term dogs

Pipettes are a type of dog and cat antiparasite very practical. Why? Because you apply them once and they act for several weeks. It is important to choose the right product for each pet. Your species and weight are key to making a good choice!

Zotal Parasital Dog Repellent pipettes provide your pet with the protection it requires for a month, against the main external parasites that can attack you. Among them the mosquito of the genus Phlebotomus which is responsible for the transmission of the dangerous leishmaniasis in dogs.

It also protects the dog from other mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Dog Protective Collar Parasital

Practical, safe and very effective, the protective collar is a type of antiparasite that has many advantages. Among them, the long duration of their action, which lasts for several months once placed in the neck of the dog. This is because it is releasing its active principles slowly over the 3 months it lasts its action.

Pet Repellent Lotion and Equidae

Another of the brand’s flagship products is its repellent lotion. You can use it only as one of the dog-wormers for direct application.

It is an excellent choice if you live with several animals because buying a single product you will be able to protect from the main external parasites that attack animals of species as disparate as dogs or birds. Always respecting the manufacturer’s instructions on the quantity and frequency of the application in each case. Yes, it’s not suitable for cats.

Made with natural products, its application by spraying is very simple. and its effect lasts 15 days, which makes it very comfortable for you too, not having to worry about this aspect during this time period. The tranquility that gives you knowing that your pet is safe is a point to be valued.

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