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Dog Chow Light Purine is a feed for dogs with overweight or tendency to gain weight. It is also suitable for those dogs who must maintain a controlled diet for a few months. It is designed to take care of the line of the animal with a nutrition complete, healthy and balanced.

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Royal Canin Maxi Adult 15 kg is a dry food completely balanced for dogs of large breeds, from 5 years of age. It provides all the nutrients necessary to keep the animal in perfect physical condition, controlling your weight and providing vitality and beauty to the fur. Great promotion, 3 kg of food free

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This source is highly recommended for pets who have trouble drinking water because it mimics the conditions of nature.

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Oké Cat - food for cats of all breeds Healthy eating : Ingredients : cereals, meat and derivatives of animal origin, vegetable products, oils and fats, yeast, fish and fish derivatives, minerals.

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