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Diptron Insecticide (anti-parasitic), 1 liter

Application: Direct spray in the areas he frequents das by parasites and/or insects: fleas , lice , ticks...


THE COLUMBITONIC provides a complex of phosphorus (involved in cell division and therefore growth, and its...

Pronafit Pro-Smoke. Eliminates parasites and disinfects...

Pronafit pro-Smoke INDICATIONS: - Eliminates parasites of the palomar: piojillos, flies, mosquitoes, mites,...

Genette Forti B 27 100 pills (vitamins + amino-acids +...

Genette Forti B 27 is a composite of high quality specially designed for pigeons. Combines 27 active ingredients....

Moreau Alatonic B15 - 50 tablets (energy). For Pigeons

Alatonic B15 - 50 tablets. Energy for pigeons. Alatonic B15 is a product specially designed to increase the...

Omni-Vit 25gr, Oropharma Versele Laga

Omni-Vit helps in cases of a low resistance to root infection. Vitamins, amino acids and trace elements are...

Deli Nature Pasta breeding white wet for Canaries, 10kg

The paste of breeding white-wet contains no dyes and has been developed to avoid the loss of color. It is ideal for...

Muta Vit 25gr, Oropharma Versele Laga

Indicated for: all species INDICATIONS: • Promotes the development of the pen and the state • Strengthens...
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EX1 EXOTIC, Food, grain, Legazin 5kg

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EX-1 EXOTIC -Legazín- TARGET SPECIES: exotic Birds, gouldian finches, mandarins, padda, australian......

Aviform Expel 60ml, (treatment and prevention of internal...

Aviform Expel , a unique product in the market due to its effectiveness against all kinds of parasites and worms....

Bath with mirror, 14x8 cm

Bath with mirror , 14x8 cm Bathtub plastic with mirror, 14.5x8 cm Let your bird take a bath whenever you want....


KNÖTERICHPULVER Pigments for the parties corneas Pigment to intensify the parties corneas (beaks and legs) of...

Enzy Complex

It is a combination of nutritional substances, ferment fructooligosaccharides able to preserve and rebalance the...

Pineta Nettle in powder, 150 gr

Nettle powder 100% pure, certified pharmaceutical (free of contaminants) Recommended by the high content of...

Healthy & Beautiful Cleaner Dental for dogs Bayer

The cleaner dental Bayer for dogs Healthy & Beautiful prevents and eliminates the formation of scale in a...


Tweezers high quality for fixing both of cuttlefish as fruit. Available in various colors

Cage of exposure to the canary islands.white front

Cage of exposure to the canary islands . Cage tender , white in colour, practical and detachable. This cage is...
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Pasta dry for canaries ORLUX 5 kg

Orlux dry egg pasta Canaries is extremely suitable for reproduction of all the colors, type, and canaries singing....

Psittacus, I Think Maintenance High Energy for birds 12 KG

Daily consumption The daily consumption ranges between 5 and 8% of the weight of the animal. For example, the grey...