Lovebirds - Parakeets

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BEYERS Nº33 Agapornis Germinación Beyers 15Kg

Seed germination varied and enriched for large parakeets and parrots with a germination capacity of perfect. High...
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Mixtura con pipas para cotrorras BEYERS Nº 69 20 kg.

Mix very varied for large parakeets with a 10% sunflower seeds. Perfect mix for all types of large parakeets. Keep...
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Nº68 Cotorras Sin Pipas Beyers 20Kg

Mix without sunflower seeds. Prevents the accumulation of fat from their large parakeets and is ideal for...
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Beyers N72 Deli Nature Agapornis Campeón 20 k.

Deli Nature Agapornis Champion is a mixture that covers the specific nutritional requirements of the agaporni and...

Oferta 3x2 en alimento completo para agapornis premium...

Complete mix for Lovebirds.   It contains a variety of quality seeds necessary for the growth and health of...