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Versele - laga Canaries Classics, without canola. 20kg

Prestige Premium Canaries Light is a mixture of seeds fortified with nutritive elements complementary to the...

Versele-Laga Prestige Canary Show 20Kg

Composition Birdseed is 67 % Bold 13 % Flaxseed 9 % Oats, without husk 6 % Wild seeds 3 % White...

Prestige Premium Canary with VAM 20kg, Versele laga

Versele-Laga Prestige Premium Canaries is a complete food and balanced for the daily diet of canaries. His recipe is...

N 55 Canaries Superma Beyers 20Kg

Mixture of canaries balanced for both canaries of posture as for canaries of color. Mix very used in Belgium,...


Are typical values expressed in % which indicates clearly the amount of nutrients (Proteins, fibers and fats) that...

Canaries feed without oat 25 kg, Jarad

Jarad is a brand 100% andalusian dedicated to feeding of birds for more than ten years. In their food only uses...


Are typical values expressed in % which indicates clearly the amount of nutrients (Proteins, fibers and fats) that...

Birdseed Canada Extra Manitoba 25 kilos

Birdseed Canada (Manitoba) It is a seed with certified quality of canada, with a high content of carbohydrates...

Mixtura MANITOBA T 5 for canaries sack 20 kg

Mxt. Canaries T5 (Manitoba) Description:  Professional blend of extra special quality for Canaries, rich in...


T3 Manitoba  Platinum is a professional blend of extra quality, Special for Canaries composed of canaryseeds,...

Manitoba T3 Platinum 5 kg Canaries Mixure

Professional blend of extra special quality for Canaries. Don't create the golden plumage. Prevents unwanted...
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Food for birds LEGAZIN ENERGY MEDIUM F3 5 kg

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Food compuestompara birds, enriched with AMIENSET, suitable for cardueldis, canaries, serinus etc...

Mixtura VERSELE LAGA PREMIUM for canaries sack 20 kg

Versele-Laga's Prestige Premium Canary Mixure provides your bird with balanced nutrition with all the essential...
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Complete and organic food for small birds. Made only with natural ingredients. Suitable for birds that have...

Our birds keep us company and glad with their singing so always providing them with the best should be our priority. To help you, we have the best meal for canaries and in addition, we always adjust the prices as much as possible.

In this way, you will find it easier to give your pet the most suitable food to its developmental stage, at the time of year, if it has any disease or has a specific plumage, in Bird Add-ons we have a wide variety of food for canaries!

Food for breeding canaries

For you to always get it right we have the best brands in canary breeding food, for example, Manitoba is one of the most reputable,being a great specialist in canaries, we have some of its best products.

In view is that the Mixtura for Canarios Manitoba T3 Platinum 5Kg has the best rating by our customers. Overall, within the brand itself, it is one of the best valued products,but you have much more food for breeding canaries.

Another successful brand is Versele-Laga,which has specific blends for each moment. For example, with the Mixtura Versele Laga Show for canaries you will be offering your pets an ideal food for contest season.

The Belgian brand Beyers offers your pet food for canaries with grain that has gone through various purification processes,so it is giving you the highest quality. A balanced blend of this manufacturer could be N55 of the Deli Nature range.

If your bird is prone to overweight, with JARAD's Oat-Free Canaries Mix you'll be providing vitamins and nutrients while you're flattering it from getting fat. The JARAD brand puts at our disposal food for high quality canaries, don't you know it yet?

Kiki's Canary Mix is another of the foods featured in our section, perhaps less well known but equally delicious and beneficial to our pets.

Finally, the Italian brand Raggio di Sole it also offers you great quality for your pets. Its canary breeding food will give your pets everything they need for proper development and growth. Discover our entire catalog and get the best fit with your bird.