Automatic bird waterers

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Botella Bebedero Acuabird sin boquilla

Measurements (front, bottom, height) 5x5x13 cm Capacity 0.000325 m3 Approximate...

Bebedero de Cazoleta Copavi nivel constante Copele

Drinker made of high quality plastic. Ideal for birds such as chickens, chickens, pigeons and partridges In...
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Salva Gota 2GR nº 219

€0.72 €0.76 -5%
Saves Drop 2GR is designed to prevent the dripping in the automatic drinkers. It can adapt to a rubber to carry...

Válvula Alta Presión con varilla

Sheet Measurements (front, bottom, height) 12x4x4 cm Capacity 0.000192 m3 Approximate Unit Weight 0.04 Kg...

Válvula de alta presión ABS verde laton 3/8 COPELE

Technical data sheet Measures (front, bottom, top) 12x4x4 cm Capacity 0.000192 m3 Unit Weight Approximate...

Bebedero Automático para Canarios COPELE pack 10 unidades

Description Automatic bird drinker Practical automatic bird drinker from Copele USAGE AND...