Parrot Cages


jaula para loros TEXAS II

The largest Sun Cages. Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 100 cm interior Height: 187,5 cm Space between bars:3 cm -...

Jaula GYM TOP 1 para loros y psitácidas

The most compact of the Finca Play Gym series. Ideal for medium-sized parrots. M edidas (not counting side...

Jaula Loros Grandes Grand Castle

Cage Castle. Designed for large birds such as cockatoos, macaws, and birds of similar size. A mansion for...


Merry-go-round-Interactive - Portal awards. The merry-go-round-Interactive - toy incredible that...

Madera de Haya nº 8 VERSELE LAGA saco 15 kg.

pieces of wood 100% natural, clean and dry. *Extreme absorption ensures perfect hygiene. *It can be added to...

Jaula de exposición para loros COPELE

Metal cage for the exhibition and transport of parrots. Size: 98 x 95 x 101 cms.

Transportin o jaula de viaje para loros BLUE LARGE

Size: Large: 73.34 ( length ) x 51.12 x 51.43 cm The upper handles serve as a support for a hanger thus...

Transportin o jaula de viaje para loros BLUE SMALL

Measures: 30,48 cm x 35,56 cm x 40 cm (height) Ideal for weekend trips or visits to the vet. THERE IS NO...