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Bipal Total (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids)....

Bipal Total , (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids). Pigeons and birds INDICATIONS: - Finish with the...


The dandelion is an important to cleansing of both the liver and the digestive system. The dandelion, so called...
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BEYERS Nº33 Lovebirds Germination Beyers 15Kg

€26.38 €28.37 -7%
Seed germination varied and enriched for large parakeets and parrots with a germination capacity of perfect. High...
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Beyers Nº60 Parrots 15Kg

€25.89 €27.84 -7%
Mix basic and general for all types of Parrots with peanuts and whole and peeled. Composition: Oats peeled 2%,...
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Nº68 Parakeets Without Sunflower seeds Beyers 20Kg

€28.09 €30.20 -7%
Mix without sunflower seeds. Prevents the accumulation of fat from their large parakeets and is ideal for...
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Beyers no. 69 Parrots with pipes (Austrlianos) 20 kg

€27.96 €30.07 -7%
Mix very varied for large parakeets with a 10% sunflower seeds. Perfect mix for all types of large parakeets. Keep...
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Birdseed Extra Beyers 25Kg

€34.88 €37.51 -7%
Properties: It is the main seed in the diet of the inhabitants of the islands, is rich in carbohydrates and poor...


Indications: Food premium for parrots to base of seed with dried fruits.
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Nº64 Parrots Supreme Fruit Beyers 15Kg

€31.29 €33.64 -7%
Mixture enriched with a high content of various types of fruit [pineapple,papaya,raisins,..] Mix with a 24%...


Mix with grains but large for the species most parrot bigger. Contains cereals expanded and dried fruit...
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Nº57 Excellent Beyers 15Kg

€32.73 €35.20 -7%
Mixes thick with 40% sunflower seeds, nuts, cedar, pieces of walnut, raisins. Ideal for parrots who must have a...
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Mixture for yacos, parrots african Serengeti Amazon Park...

€36.08 €38.80 -7%
AMAZON PARK SERENGETI is a mixture ideal for all types of species of parrots african. Sunflower seeds black, Brazil...
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Mixture for Amazon Amazon Deli Nature Amazon Park , Nº22...

€32.55 €35.00 -7%
It is a balanced mix for a species of Amazons and Pionus. The mixture is very rich in fruit (9% including papaya,...

Mixture Amazon Park Down Under special parrots Australian...

Mixture of high quality designed for cockatoos and parrots australians who need a light diet. Enriched with granules...
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Mixture Park Amazon especially Amazon parrots, Deli...

€8.40 €10.51 -20%
Mixture of high quality, designed for parrots from south america that need a light diet. Enriched with...

Prestige Loroparque Loros Amazonicos, Versele Laga 1kg

Versele Laga Prestige premium Amazon Parrot Loro Parque All mixtures Prestige Premium Loro Parque are composed by a...

Prestige Loro Parque Parrots, Australian, Versele Laga 1kg

1 kg Versele Laga Prestige premium Australian Parrot Loro Parque Mix, mistura de sementes...

Witte Molen Puur Parrots 2 kg

The Mixture for parrots Puur of Witte Molen has been prepared with quality ingredients and close to the natural...

Prestige Loroparque african grey parrot, Versele Laga 1kg

All mixtures Prestige Premium Loro Parque are composed by a great variety of grains and seeds and contain some...