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Jaula de exposición o concurso para canarios Pedrós,...

Cage of exposure to the canary islands . Cage contest , in color blue and grilles in white, with front door,...
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bañera externa REGGIO 2GR compatible con todas las jaulas

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Outdoor bath Reggio totally transparent with wire hook for hanging ideal for our birds are given a good bath and...

jaula para loros TEXAS II

The largest Sun Cages. Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 100 cm interior Height: 187,5 cm Space between bars:3 cm -...

Jaula Loros Grandes Grand Castle

Cage Castle. Designed for large birds such as cockatoos, macaws, and birds of similar size. A mansion for...

Jaula GYM TOP I para loros y psitácidas

The most compact of the Finca Play Gym series. Ideal for medium-sized parrots. M edidas (not counting side...

Jaula para loros MAX

Highlights: This cage includes a metal grid and a bucket with a separate tray, making it easy to clean and...

Jaula para loros AMAZONAS

The dimensions of the cage are 56 x 43 x 153 cm (not counting the side trays, which are also optional for mounting)....

Jaula para loros VOLADERA ECO BLACK

Imagine a spacious, well-designed cage with the following specifications: Dimension & Weight: The cage...