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Antiparasitic dog collars


Collar Natural, Perros Grandes, 56 cm, Plata/Ng

Necklace, Large Dogs, 56 cm, Silver/Ng - Measures: · Length: 56 cm - For large dogs. - Active ingredient:...

Collar Natural, Gatos/Perros peq, 36 cm, Plata/Nar

Necklace, Cats/Dogs, pic, 36 cm, Silver/Nar - Measures: · Length: 36 cm - For cats and small dogs. -...
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Parasital Collar Repelente Perros Medianos y Pequeños

€7.25 €7.79 -7%
Parasital Collar Repellent for Dogs Small and Medium Collar insect repellent indicated for small dogs and the...
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Insecticida en polvo ZOTAL LETAL PLUS PWD talquera de...

€8.64 €9.30 -7%
LETHAL® PLUS PWD ees an effective insecticide and acaricide in dust on the basis of Deltamethrin and Cypermethrin,...

Collar repelente para perros STANVET LIFE

Stanvet Life is a new range of repellents of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. It has an exclusive formula...
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collar antiparasitario FRONTAL DELTA perros pequeños y...

€16.97 €18.25 -7%
The DELTA FRONTAL Collar has repellent (anti-feeding) effect against phlebotomos (Phlebotomus perniciosus) and...