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Dry feeding for rabbits

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Twigs with Carrot, 45 g

- Weight: 45 g. - Suitable for small rodents and rabbits. - With carrot. - Help the wear and tear necessary to the...

Villa with snacks and roughage

- Measures: · Width: 25 cm · Height: 21 cm · Deep: 12 cm - Made of natural Wood. - Three plants. - Tunnel filling...


Complementary food, snacks mix, for small mammals, extra crispy and rich in fibers Ideal for herbivores such as...

Crock complete apple of Versele Laga, 50 gr

Fill Crock pot with apple is a crispy snack and very tasty with the that our little pet will enjoy.   Its...

Crock Complete Carrot 50 gr

Complete Crock of carrot is a snack perfect for rewarding good behaviour or just to pamper sporadically to our...


Crispy Snack Popcorn is a complementary food rich and lightweight for rabbits and rodents. Supercrujiente! It is a...

Complete Cuni Sensitive, Versele Laga 1.75 kg

The I think Complete Cuni sensitive is a I think of made with quality ingredients . By its composition, will be...

Crispy sticks fruits rodents

Crispy Sticks, Rodents, Fruit snacks 2un. Two sticks baked to rodents, with pear, apple, peach and grape,...

Crispy Snack Fibres 1.75 kg Versele Laga

A complementary pet food for small mammals, extra crispy and rich in fibers. Ideal for herbivores such as rabbits,...

I think for rabbits adults CUNI COMPLETE VERSELE LAGA 8 kg

The I think Complete Cuni Adult of Versela Laga this is a I think ideal for the proper feeding of our rabbit....
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complete feed for rabbit XTRA VITAL BEAPHAR 1 kg

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XtraVital Rabbit Feed is exceptionally tasty, balanced and of high quality. This feed contains all the necessary...
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complete feed for rabbit CARE + BEAPHAR 1.5 kg

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Care Super premium complete feed for Adult Rabbits. Care feed is an extruded feed of the highest quality...
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Snacks for rodents MUNCHING STICKS BEAPHAR 150 gr

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These treats are a delicious and healthy treat for all rodents. Thanks to the sticks your pet will improve his...