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Mixtura para jilgueros BEYERS DELI NATURE Nº49

Mixture intended to cover the nutritional needs specific to all types of native birds [linnet, sizerín, siskin]...
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N 96 Camachuelos (Nueva Formula) Beyers 15Kg

Specific mixture intended to meet the needs of small and northern common finches.   Great variation of seeds...
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N98 luganos

Ingredients> of perilla seed, ball grass, Niger seed, chicory seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, ingagra seeds,...
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Mezcla para pájaros con picos tuertos 15 kg

Specific mixture intended to cover the needs of the camachuelos picogruesos and the piquituertos. Very varied...
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Beyers n47 Jilguero Y LUGANOS light 15 kilos

Beyers are 47 Deli Nature Light Mix Goldfinch is a "lite" version of fanciers / breeders of Finches. The variation...