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7 Food supplements for birds

Like humans and other animals, birds also require a balanced diet to meet the vitamin needs of their organism. But in addition, because they are animals that live in captivity, the birds of cage usually present certain deficiencies in their diet that can cause serious illnesses if they do not compensate. In this sense, the food supplements for birds are indispensable for their well-being, but also to favour the development of a beautiful and shiny plumage, their good shape and a cheerful character.

The basis of the diet of domestic birds tends to be essentially the grain. The point is that the grain alone, although it is easy to digest, does not provide the minerals and vitamins necessary for its proper development.

In our online shop, in addition to finding a wide variety of food products for birds, you will also find other special products to provide your pet with a complementary diet.

1. Complementary food

We have fresh food, such as grass plants and pasta for birds. The latter are indispensable when the bird is sick or when it is breeding, but the truth is that they can be supplied throughout the life of the animal. In fact, it is one of the nutritional supplements that has more weight to promote healthy growth and a proper state of health. Based on its fatty content and its composition, we can find different breeding pasta: dry, moist, vegetables, fruit and pasta for insectivores offspring.

2. Amino acids

Amino acids are essential for the organism to create the chains of proteins that are like the "bricks" of the organism. The point is that the bird body is not always able to synthesize all amino acids at a suitable pace to meet their needs. For this reason, it is very important that this type of food supplements also form part of the diet of our birds.

3. Vitamins

It is true that the contribution given by the vegetables and fruits is very high. However, it is never too much to give our bird a vitamin supplement to make sure that your needs are completely satisfied. It should be taken into account that each vitamin plays a specific role within the organism. Some of them are essential for the transformation of energy, while others regulate the metabolism of the different structures of the body. If there are deficiencies, certain diseases and disorders may appear, such as reproductive problems or growth delays.

4. Millet and seeds

Millet and seeds are an important contribution of energy to our pets, but they are also a great option for them to have fun and entertain. Remember that you should not exceed the recommended dosage, as they may cause overweight problems.

5. Sand for birds

The sterilized sand that is obtained from quartz or clay are ideal to facilitate the digestion of our birds, but also to help your metabolism and make your bones stay healthy and strong.

6. Minerals

Grit and calcium are two fundamental elements in the diet of birds for their bones and teeth, so they should be supplied on a regular basis especially during times of growth. The grit are a rhinestones that help the bird to crush the food, especially recommended for the times of laying. For its part, calcium can obtain through sepia or a bone cuttlefish, for example. Calcium is essential for your skeleton to stay healthy, but also for the development of the shell of the eggs that lay the females. Cuttlefish Bone is one of the best options, as it also helps sharpen the beak, avoiding problems due to excessive growth.

7. Helpers for digestion

Both the clay and the grit facilitate the digestion of the food that our bird is ingesting.

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