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How to adapt your home for the arrival of a feline companion

Regardless of whether you have other pets at home, the way we introduce a new cat into the family will set the tone for future relationships. Bear in mind that the cat will need some time to get the environment and adapt without disturbing the other animals or the family members themselves, so that they do not take a hostile attitude. In addition, it is important that you are healthy so that you do not pose any risk to anyone, especially if you have young children at home. In this sense, before bringing it home, you must go through the vet to perform a complete overhaul and buy antiparasites for cats as a method of prevention. As for the preparation of your home for the arrival of the new mascot, here are some tips.

Moments before your cat arrives

Your cat learns from its surroundings through smells, so before welcoming you home, it is important that you become familiar with the aromas of the place. Take a T-shirt with your scent to wear it to sleep, for example, and some blanket in which you can shelter. The idea is to get used to that there are other people in your environment without being physically present to not take it as a challenge.

Create a safe environment for your cat              

The cat adapts better if it is accommodated first in a stay with the door closed, because it is less stressed. Once you do with the environment, you will have enough confidence to inspect the whole house and you will not be afraid. But never force him out if he doesn't want to. Choose a stay where there is not much noise and be quiet and put in it everything you will need: food, water, sandbox, scraper and a toy. Remember that the sand box should always be away from the food, as these animals are very scrupulous. Consider also the option to put a feline pheromone diffuser in the room to relax and feel safe. And the same for dogs if you have one at home, so you feel more calm before the arrival of the new animal.

Fit the rest of the house

When the cat decides to leave you will be able to explore, but you will have a reference place to return where you feel safe. Put a scraper in another place in the house to avoid scratch the furniture, for example in the living room. You can also put shelves or a cat climber where you can sit up, which they love. To avoid risks if you decide to climb to the windows, put a protective net. Also give him some toys to entertain. Change or put another sandbox on the other side of the house, always in a quiet place where not many people pass and where there is hardly noise, for example in the kitchen.

Try to differentiate the areas of the house well

The cat is a very territorial animal, so you must feel safe and comfortable in its surroundings, perfectly differentiating what is the social zone of the play area, rest and food. This way you will enjoy more of the house and be stressed less.

Give your cat a lot of love

Although your cat may look like a surly animal, they also need affection. This does not mean that you have to caress it constantly, especially if you notice that you like it. What you have to do is spend time with him in the room you created so that your presence calms him down and he doesn't feel alone. It falls to its height on the ground so that it can explore you and its presence is not intimidating. Once you get used to it, you can start lifting it up and hugging it without fear of being scratched. Yes, it is important that you avoid looking directly into the eyes, as the felines perceive it as an aggression. Watch and blink often to make them feel calmer.

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