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What antiparasite do I give my dog? Discover Frontline

If your cat or dog does not stop scratching, you will most likely have lice, ticks or fleas. It is important that we always protect you from this type of parasite, both to ensure your wellbeing and because they can contagiárnoslos to us, which is even more dangerous if we have young children at home. One of the best existing in the market is the Frontline antiparasitic, developed by Merial Labs.

It not only eliminates contact with these annoying bugs, it also acts by preventing them from reappearing, as they end up with their larvae and eggs. In addition, they prevent the environment in which the pet moves is infected. In just one day, the fleas and ticks will have disappeared and in just two days, there will be no trace of lice, as it kills them by nervous hyperexcitation when attacking their nervous system. Parasites undergo a saturation of neurotoxic stimuli that causes them to paralyse and then death. For this reason, buying quality dog wormers is the best solution to offer protection at the same time against fleas, lice and ticks.

Formats of Frontline antiparasitic: Pipettes and Spray

The pipettes are applied evenly covering the pet's skin and hair. They offer up to eight weeks ' protection for fleas and up to four weeks for lice and ticks. For its part, the spray should be sprayed a few times, but its action is also immediate, which is very comfortable. In the case of spray, the protection is up to three months against fleas and a month against ticks. This is due to the characteristics of the molecule, which are maintained for a long time in the hair and in the skin, being fixed and acting like a trap for parasites.

Completely safe and waterproof

The active principles of Frontline antiparasitic are distributed homogeneously by the skin and hair thanks to the movement of the animal. In addition, when left in the sebaceous glands as a reserve, it guarantees a very extensive protection. However, it does not pass into the blood nor is it absorbed by mammalian organisms, so it is completely safe. It can be used in the form of spray even for puppies from birth and in the form of pipettes from 8 weeks of age, regardless of race or size. And in both types, for pregnant females or who are breastfeeding their puppies. In fact, he takes care of his hair and gives it a shiny look. Nor is it harmful to people or to the environment.

It is also water resistant and does not lose efficiency when bathing the pet. Several studies have shown that neither baths nor shampoos make their efficacy diminish. However, it is important that to make it more effective, the pet does not bathe in the two days before or after its application.

How to apply Frontline antiparasitic?

In the case of the Antiparasitic Frontline spray, the animal must be pulverized to the tail against the head. The manufacturer's recommendation is 6 sprays per kilo of weight for the format of 100 ml and 2 sprays per kilo of weight for the format of 250 ml. To prevent the product from falling into the eyes of the animal, it is advisable to pour a little product in our hand with a glove on and apply it on the face gently. A technique that is also recommended for cats not to be frightened, as they have terror by water. It is important to spray all over the body, not forgetting the creases and ears, which are the favorite places for ticks.

In the case of the antiparasitic Frontline in pipettes, we must separate the hair from the area where we are going to apply it. The ideal is to do it in the shoulder blades and pour it in two or three different places on the same skin. It is important that as long as it has not been dried, do not expose it to any heat source, such as a stove or chimney. And it's not a good idea to caress him.

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