Ideas to go with your dog on vacation

The summer season becomes a complicated period for those who have a four-legged partner, but some platforms have already begun to put solution
In many establishments scattered around the peninsula pets will be welcome.

The arrival of summer and holidays is always a pleasure for the majority. Disconnecting from work and day-to-day obligations, whether away or close to home, is something we all need, but that ends up being easier for some than others. Anyone who is an animal lover and has some at home will know that there are many hotels or apartments where pets are not welcome, fact that makes the organization of the holiday in a longer process and sometimes even more expensive than for the rest of people. However, there is no reason to worry, since, for some time, some specialized websites have been dedicated to developing databases with different areas where you can travel smoothly accompanied by your dog or cat. For all the people who adore their pet and consider it one more of the family, the following Web platforms propose some solutions and plans for the holidays to go round also for them.

Here are some proposals

The Web allows its users to choose the autonomous community to which they wish to travel and, from there, select whether they wish to stay in a hotel, an apartment or even a rural house. In it, all establishments have some conditions, for example: some sites only accept small or medium sized animals, others stricter determine a weight limit and others directly accept all kinds of pets. They also include a section of beaches ' petfriendly ' for a greater comfort of the traveler. Another website that offers these services is where, through a filter, its users can decide whether to travel in or out of Spain, the type of accommodation and whether they want to be in the mountains or on the coast, all accompanied by their friends four PA Tas. This platform also offers listings of beaches ' petfriendly ' and, in addition, is associated with other companies that are dedicated to the transport of your pet. Finally, for those who can not afford a holiday away from home, there are also other spaces where animals can enjoy without going far. For example,, a pretty complete blog that offers different plans to do with your pet, either in a cafeteria or even in a movie theater. One of the biggest points in favor of this website is a map of Spain with stray dogs and cats in different parts of the country, with the photo, the name and the place where they were last seen.

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