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How to decorate a birdcage in 6 steps

Decorative cages are fashionable. Both in interior decoration and for galleries, terraces and gardens. And it’s a common element in many outdoor celebrations and events. If you have fallen in love with this fashion and want to have a decorative cage at home you can do it yourself. We tell you how to decorate a birdcage in 6 steps that distillery style and charm. In addition to having a beautiful decorative cage you will have fun during the process. You will be looking forward to doing more, for other spaces or to give away!

How to decorate a birdcage: 6 keys to make it perfect

1. Decide the style of your home-made decorative cage

This is the first step. Obviously a gothic air bird cage is not the same as a boho chic style. So it’s important that you know what style you want. And what kind of use you’re going to give it, as it will help you decide the right size and shape. Is it going to be purely decorative? Or do you also want it to have practical functionality?

2. Buy a birdcage

Knowing where you will locate the cage is key to making a good choice. Are you going to place it on a table or shelf, or do you want it to be a hanging element? Once you’ve decided what kind of cage you want, you just have to buy it. You’ll find a variety of cages in the complementosparaaves.com bird accessories store. Browse the catalog to choose the one you like best for your project.

3. Make a list of materials you need and get hold of them

If you already have a rough idea of the design you want to make, list the materials you need. If you’re not sure yet, you can create an inspiration board with images, drawings, or photos to help you define what you want. Keep in mind that you’ll need metal-appropriate paint. In spray the finish will be perfect and is easy to apply. It is also important that you decide which elements will go inside the cage. And if you’ll add exterior decoration.

4. Paint your birdcage of the chosen color

An important point when you planetas how to decorate a bird cage is its color. The most common thing is to paint it white, but it’s up to you. Black, pink or metallic colors are some of the possibilities for decorating bird cages. Spray paint is easy to apply and you only have to protect the space with cardboard or plastic so as not to stain anything. In any case, keep in mind that to paint a metal cage you will need to apply a coat of primer paint first. The result will be more beautiful and, more, more durable.

5. Take care of decorating the inside of a bird cage

There are many elements that you can place inside the decoration cage. You can make a schematic or drawing of what you want or improvise by letting yourself go. Some of the elements you can use when considering how to decorate a birdcage are as follows:

  • Fresh, fabric, paper or other materials.
  • Dolls, stuffed animals or decorative figures of wood or other materials.
  • Elements of papyroflexia or silhouette of paper or wood.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Crusader or cacti plants.

Keep in mind that as important as what to include and how to combine it is the layout of the elements. It depends on the feeling it conveys and the balanced, chaotic or harmonious aesthetic effect of the set.

6. Add the extra elements you want to complete your design

It’s time to complete your design. If you think something is missing, there are different ways and elements to do it. Also on the outside you can put figures, flowers or silhouettes. You also need something to hang the cage or to place it sitting on a surface to facilitate its transfer and at the same time improve its aesthetic. For example a bow or a macramé braid. It’s also a good idea to add a touch of light if you haven’t included candles inside. Perhaps with led strips hidden in the lower area or after other decorative elements.   If you consider how to decorate a birdcage yourself consider these six key steps. It is very simple and entertaining for your leisure time at home and to decorate in an original and unique way different spaces. It’s also a great gift made by yourself!

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