What do lovebirds eat?

The Lovebird is a genus of psittaciformes birds belonging to the Psittaculidae family that was introduced in the European continent in the early nineteenth century. In nature, this type of birds feed mainly on seeds, so it is an essential component that should never be absent in your diet, but this does not mean that should be the only thing to eat, but we must complete their feeding with another type of Food. Think that a good diet for your lovebird will make your life longer and better quality. And it is that, as with humans, they need a balanced and varied diet to be healthy and strong. In any case, as you can see then, it is a very simple diet that does not require great things.

Mixture of seeds

We can find seed mixes of many types. With millet, birdseed, sunflower seeds, safflower, flax, oats, hemp, etc. The problem is that, many times, our birds feel more predilection for some seeds than others, which can give a food imbalance, just what we try to avoid when we supply a mixture. So what we can do is give you a different seed each day separately. What you have to keep in mind is the amount of fats in each of them, because it is not advisable to abuse them.

I think for lovebirds

The feed is cleaner than the seed mixture, is wasted less and provides a healthier and more balanced diet. Of course, they usually like less, so it is advisable to give it twice a week, for example.

Complementary foods

We recommend that we add some nutritional supplements for our birds so that we provide them with the amino acids and micro-components they need. In this sense, one of the best options is to buy pasta for lovebirds that in addition to providing a very complete nutrition, offer the advantage that it can not separate like seeds, so we avoid wasting the part you do not like. It is a nutritional supplement formulated based on the needs of the animal and usually delivered in times of greater wear, as in the period of breeding, moulting or development of the chick.


As for humans, sprouts are highly recommended in the diet of lovebirds. However, it is very important that you control the germination process of the seeds in order to avoid the appearance of fungi that could harm the health of your bird.

Fruits and Vegetables

We should also include some fresh foods in your diet, but not abused, as they could cause diarrhea. The ideal is to give a small portion of fruits or vegetables 3 times per week and always varying. The most recommended vegetables are lettuce, chard, spinach, broccoli, carrot, pepper, cauliflower, corn, cucumber, tomatoes and beans. Always in small amounts so they do not have laxative effect. As for the fruits, the best options are the papaya, the melon, the tangerine, the strawberry, the orange, the apple, the kiwi, the watermelon, the apricot, the grapes and the mango. You can give it in small cubes as in a Macedonia where three or four types of fruit are included. In this way, less quantity will be wasted.

Snacks and prizes for lovebirds

Once in a while, we can give our pet an extra food as a reward. It can be, for example, a piece of whole wheat bread or cooked brown rice. Avoid all foods that contain a lot of fat, salt or sugars, as they can be very damaging to your health. It is always better to bet on the natural and forget about the processed. Other good options like snack are the boiled egg, which will provide a good contribution of proteins, vitamins and minerals easy to digest and the pasta and legumes cooked, such as lentils, chickpeas, rice or couscous.

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