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Oropharma Glucose + Vitamins is dextrose enriched with vitamins. This dietary supplement is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and promotes recovery after exertion dle flight. Glucose or dextrose are sugars natural.

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Avizoon Natur Spirulina 50 gr, (Rich in beta-carotene, which enhances the natural color of the feathers). For the birds

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Breed+ are amino acids, minerals and vitamins. With a high content of vitamin E extra (2500 mg) !! Breed+ stimulates fertility ¡¡

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Designed for the preparation of sprouted seeds or soaked cooked ; prevents the growth of mold , fungus and mycotoxins.

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Dac Dacovit+ Dextrose, 600 gr Recuperator. Recovery of the pigeons after a great effort. Soluble powder restorative.

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Premix nutritional additives, intended for feeding of cattle, equine, bovine, ovine, porcine, poultry and rabbits Aminoprotan

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Fortalecientes, tonic and disgestivas. Moureau Super Pill 500 comp. (stimulate appetite in the young). For pigeons based Compound of plant extracts digestive -Enriched with glicerofosfatos of calcium.

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Quiko Plus it is basically made of Beer Yeast extra, enriched with vitamins of the B complex and extra levels of proteins, amino acids and minerals.

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K+K Eiweip 100 pills of Röhnfried is a compound based of animal proteins for easy digestion. INDICATIONS:- Extracted egg-white.- Stimulates the exchange of oxygen between cells, thus allowing a much quicker recovery to the pigeons fatigued p............

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K+K Protein 3000 is a concentrate of animal protein and vegetable special for pigeons.

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Tollisan Med. Tollyamin Forte 1000ml, a compound based on amino acids, electrolytes and B group vitamins, specifically optimized for pigeons of high competition Tollyamin contains high doses of amino acids , electrolytes and B vitamins, which are optimized scientifically .

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ProteinStar High-grade proteins highly absorbable Pigeons thicken quickly again Long-term effects, without clipping Combination of amino acids

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Versele-Laga Recovery 350 caps, (capsules recuperadoras high quality)

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Versele-Laga Colombine Optimal-Start 25 protein (5 kg). Food supplement for pigeons in growth, rich in proteins and vitamin E. Optimal-Start 25 is a supplement to protein-based, powdered, for breeding pigeons and young pigeons in growth; it is enriched with vitamin E to promote fertility.

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