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It is a mixture of very varied with a high proportion of grass tuft and white knob . This mixture is suitable for all types of siskins americans as the siskin Wally, the siskin mexican, the siskin, black, red ... For lúganos is recommended as an adjunct to this mixture with 10% to 15% of the seeds of the niger.

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Mixture of high quality inidicada for canaries of color, not to produce dore.

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Provides an extra vitamin

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mixture premifood special song

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Mixture Parakeets and Nymphs Jarad 25 kg it is a mixture of complete and balanced

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Traditional blend, complemented with delicious chunks of gourmet cracker. Composition Canary seed 73%, a Seed of canola 13%, Oats, without husk 7%, Linseed 3%, Gourmet Cracker 2%, hemp Seed 1%, Bold 1%

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Versele Laga Prestige Blattner Lugano 1A 4 kg, a mixture of seeds premium for all types of Luganos

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Prestige Premium Canaries Super Breeding is a mixture of seeds fortified with nutritive elements complementary to the canaries need to maintain a good physical condition. This food is a rich mix of breeding with 17 % of bold for all the canaries. With 2 % chia.

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Traditional blend for all canaries. Very suitable for canaries singers as the malinois or the harzer.

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An excellent mixture of seeds carefully in the nutritional requirements of our Budgie.

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The mixture produced by the well-known breeder and German champion Jo Mannes.

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Versele Laga Canaries Light is a combination of the best seeds are 100% natural, carefully chosen for the daily food of your canary or other bird of similar size. It is a mixture of grains fortified with vitamins, amino acids and minerals in the small grain extruded.

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Versele-Laga Prestige food for canariesTraditional blend for all canaries. Very suitable for canaries singers as the malinois or the harzer.

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Vairedad of special seeds for the goldfinches most exclusive

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The Mixture for Tropical birds, Puur of Witte Molen it is a mixture of quality that provides ingredients specifically suitable in the diet of different species of tropical birds of small size-diamond-zebra, gouldian finch, among other species.

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The Mixture for Canaries Puur of Witte Molen has been prepared by using quality ingredients, specifically suitable for the diet of the different species of Canaries.

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