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Powerful antiseptic nasal against the moquita, oral thrush and other diseases of the nose, the beak and the throat of the pigeons

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Hesanol Acithol Schleimsand 50 gr (eliminates mucus from the respiratory tract)

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Pullmothyl For the respiratory apparatus with propolis, echinacea, and plant extracts -

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Pronafit Pro-Smoke is a composite, 100% natural, herbal and medicated oils that eliminates parasites of the pigeon-house, and also disinfects and clears the airways. For Pigeons and Birds

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Preventive against diseases of the respiratory

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Rohnfried UsneGano 500ml (Preventivo 100% natural, against trichomoniasis and coccidios). For Pigeons and birds

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INDICATIONS: - Disinfect attic air. - Cleans and clears the airways. - Prevents respiratory problems - It is recommended to use during the breeding, moulting and racing season. - It is especially effective during the moult, because, at this time, the environment of the lofts usually heavily loaded.

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The Red Pigeon Trio-Mix Caps, a 100% natural product, triple effect specifically designed for pigeons

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Versele-Laga Oropharma Mucus Powder 30g (prevents respiratory problems)

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