Frutas y verduras para agapornis

Fruits and vegetables for agapornis: top 3 best snacks

Fruit and vegetables should be part of the agapornis diet. These vegetables provide you with nutrients necessary for your health, optimal development and well-being. Fruit and vegetable snacks for agapornis are an easy and convenient way to provide this type of food. Besides, they eat it when they feel like it. There is a wide variety of fruit and vegetable snacks for agapornis. When making a choice it is advisable to know what benefits the different ingredients bring them. And so choose at each time or circumstance the one that interests you the most for the feeding of your pet.

3 fruit and vegetable snacks for agapornis

1. Exotic fruit snacks for agapornis

It is interesting to note what agapornis eat in the wild in their natural habitat. What we know as exotic fruits, is part of the diet of these birds when they live free in that habitat. Therefore, among the best preparations of fruits and vegetables for agapornis are the mixtures that contain these. This is the case with Prestige Agapornis and Exotic Fruits nymphs. This mixture also contains seeds and honey, which is very appetizing for agapornis. The fruits it contains are pineapple, banana, orange and mango. The fact that it combines different types of fruit is a diverse and more complete nutritional contribution.

2. Bars with nuts and honey for agapornis

Prestige Versele Laga duckand and nymph bars with honey are also among the best. In addition to including fruits, they carry nuts, peanuts and almonds. As far as we're concerned, the fruits and vegetables for agapornis, contain a mix. These include pineapple and orange, which provide a lot of vitamins from various groups, as well as mango, also present in them. In addition, they contain bananas. This is included in a moderate proportion, as without abusing it provides important nutrients for these birds. Its richness in elements such as potassium or magnesium or zinc are very important for the optimal condition and well-being of agapornis.

3. Fruits and vegetables for agapornis in snack with berries

Sometimes agapornis can also consume fruits and vegetables in commercially marked snacks for canaries. This is the case of the bar for canaries with fruits of the Prestige verse Versele Laga forest. These berries are rich in vitamins and have antioxidant capabilities, which are also suitable for feeding agapornis.

Fruits and vegetables for agapornis, in the form of a commercial snack or as a homemade snack?

You can also offer fruits and vegetables to your agapornis by offering them directly. This is something you're not convenient to do often, as it's hard for you to control the amount needed for the bird. Fruit and vegetable snacks for commercial agapornis include an adequate proportion of these along with other essential ingredients for the animal. But from time to time you can provide a wedge or dice of fruit for you to consume. That said, make sure it doesn't stay in the air long, let alone in summer. It can degrade and affect your health. Also insects may come to it and that is not recommended either. In addition, in this case you should evaluate what type of fruit you choose at any given time and assess whether it provides the amount and diversity of nutrients that the bird needs. It is important not to fill it with fruit as then you would not eat other types of food you need. Keep in mind at all times which fruits and vegetables are good for agapornis and which are totally forbidden, such as avocado.   The best way to give fruits and vegetables for agapornis in snacks is through commercial sticks or bars. For safety, nutritional balance and ease both to provide it and for your pet to eat it. Be aware of the manufacturer's recommendations on the packaging. It's key to deciding how much and how often you offer these types of healthy snacks to your agapornis. Don't wait any longer to buy agapornis food in!

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