protect the plumage of your birds

5 tips to care for and protect the plumage of your birds

Caring for and protecting the plumage of your birds is essential to your wellbeing. It is not an ornament that makes them more or less beautiful, although of course it is key to your image.

The plumage of the birds has a purpose. Or, rather, several, ranging from protection to your ability to fly. With these tips you will protect your plumage easily for your best health and well-being, as well as that can be shown in all its beauty.

How to protect the plumage of your birds

1. Take care of your food

Food care is key to protecting your birds ‘ plumage. This must be complete and balanced. Especially during the moulting season, when their needs are greater. At that stage it is especially important that they receive the nutritional input they need.

Anyway don’t forget to include in your usual diet rich protein grains of quality. Your diet should also contain vitamins and minerals.

2. Use specific supplements

The use of food supplements for poultry is the easiest and safest way to provide your food with all the nutrients you need. Amino acids like lysine are essential to them.

The specific supplements allow you to protect the plumage of your birds exactly as each one of them needs it. For example, those of white plumage will need supplements without a doré effect. Parrots need a good vitamin contribution to show a protected and careful plumage. And those who are in full moult will need an extra contribution of lysine. Value the type of care to protect the plumage of your birds that each one of them needs!

3. Visit the vet if you doubt that the fall of your plumage is normal

One of the reasons why the plumage of birds deteriorates is the appearance of diseases. Kidney problems, for example, are usually shown with loss of feathers. And there are many diseases that can be detected by plumage problems. If you have any doubts about whether this may be the reason your bird loses feathers, check with your veterinarian.

4. Take care of the hygiene, key to protect the plumage of your birds

Taking care of hygiene is vital to protect the plumage of your birds. All year round but especially in summer. Why? Because at this time it is usual that to better support the heat will provide a space to soak or splash.

This space must be cleaned daily. If possible, even twice a day. It can accumulate traces of feathers, food and excrement. If it is not removed and replaced it is often a bacterial breeding ground. These can affect the organism of the birds, but also their plumage. It is therefore best to provide this way of cooling but always extreme hygiene.

Hygiene is also essential to protect the plumage of your birds during moulting. The lack of hygiene affects issues such as the elasticity of the skin, calve for the plucking of the feather.

5. Take care of your wellbeing to avoid behavioral problems affecting your plumage

Did you know that one of the worst enemies of a bird’s plumage is the frustration of lack of well-being? In such cases it is common for birds to have behavioral problems and start their own feathers. Or, that in an attempt to groom and feel better, the plumage rip.

Taking care of the welfare of your birds is something you should do not only for this reason. This lack of well-being is not always a matter of carelessness. You may not know what care you need or not realize that you have some needs that you didn’t have before. You can procure a large cage, pay attention and provide game elements.

By practicing these tips you will be encargándote to protect the plumage of your birds. The best products for birds are in You will be able to find the precise elements to improve the well-being of your bird, complete its food and improve its hygiene to take care of its plumage. He’ll thank you!

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