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Spray insecticide fragrance to vaporize externally and prevent or treat parasitic infestations outside of all kinds of insects (fleas, ticks, mites and mosquitoes). Should be used every day during a week for .

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Choose quality when it comes to the protection of your pets. This antiparasitic external is indicated for the control and prevention of infestations of fleas, ticks and lice teethers in the dog and the cat.

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Thanks to the agents, deodorizing formula. regulate the perspiration of the animal and to prevent possible irritation of your skin.Cologne fresh with a pleasant aroma both after the bath, as in any situation. It does not irritate the skin nor the smell of the anima

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PIRETRÓN® is a potent antiparasitic external to dogs for the treatment and control of mosquitoes, phlebotomines, fleas, ticks and lice.

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Piretrón dogs more than 15 kg, Pipette against Mosquito, fleas and ticks PIRETRÓN® is a potent antiparasitic external to dogs for the treatment and control of mosquitoes,phlebotomines, fleas, ticks and lice.

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This antiparasitic external is indicated for the control and prevention of infestations of fleas, ticks and lice teethers in the dog and the cat. It is an antiparasitic that applied regularly manages to protect your pet from insects and parasites sucking blood effectively throughout the year.

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Chictonic 1 lto Industiras Veterinary SA is a compound of vitamins and amino acids in oral solution, for all species, is a large complex vitaminico

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Shampoo no-rinse. Ideal for washes fast and/or between washes conventional. Action deodorant. Ph adapted. Content: 250 ml.

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'Dickytummy' - the new name of our suspension of montmorillonite. A suspension is effective and superior to dogs of all ages. Much more effective than other products that applied for similar benefits. It usually stops after the first use. Save on trips to the vet.

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Nutritional supplement Calcium Vit. D3 Bayer Calcium Vit. D3 is indicated for use in females pregnant and lactating, in periods of growth and deficiency states of varying etiology in both dogs and cats. Covers the requirements of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 in all cases in which the body needs an extra supply for the reasons mentioned above.

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The cleaner dental for dogs, Healthy & Beautiful from the Bayer cares hygiene and dental health of your pet. This candy contains illustrations chews made with ox-hide to keep clean the teeth of the animal. They like a lot and you can give as a prize or reward.

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Bayer Healthy and Beautiful Cleansing Wipes Citronelas for dogs and cats

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Salmon oil for dogs Beaphar is a food supplement energy ideal for your best friend.

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A unique product to: •Improve the health of the animal •Prevent diseases Through 4 effects: •Antiviral effect direct •Immunomodulation •Hepatoprotection •Anti-oxidation

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Colony Dogs Freedog

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Shampoo Antioxidant with Cocoa from Trinidad Shampoo suitable for breeds of chocolate color.  To intensify the color and protects it from oxidation.  With mild detergents, contains cocoa extract to protect the color from oxidation, with a pleasant aroma of cocoa from Trinidad.  Neutral Ph.

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Shampoo Freedog Special for Yorkshires 300ml.   Indications Shampoo suitable for breeds with long hair and smooth type Yorkshire. By its content of phytokeratin and vitamins, hydrates the hair, leaving it soft and shiny, favoreciando a correct growth and healthy.    

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Shampoo Freedog Repellent with Citronnelle 300ml.

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Is shampoo is specially formulated for use on dogs of any breed with sensitive skin and for puppies. Protects the fur and the hair, stimulating the growth of damaged hair, the hair fragile and brittle acquire strength, gaining in brightness. The hair of your dog will be strengthened, healthy, clean, soft and with a pleasant fruity fragrance.  

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Shampoo for dogs of all breeds of white hair and/or black. 

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Freedog Shampoo Hydratant For Long Hair is a shampoo ideal for dogs with long hair (type Maltese, and York). With a formula exquisite and pleasant, with a base of yogurt, extract of kiwi and honey. Its ingredients are natural and promote good hydration of the fur. With effects anti-static agents, which help to maintain the elasticity, and therefore favor...

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Perfume Freedog with Essence of Mango 150ml

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