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GASTEEL HEEL para perros en polvo 30 sobres de 3 gr.

Composed of a dsm 10663 / NCIMB 10415 strain of E. faecium, which has proven its effectiveness in: "Survival along...

ICHTHO VET derma gel perros y gatos 50 gr. Heel

For the intensive care of the skin WITHOUT STEROIDS WITHOUT...

ICHTHO VET gel para los pies del caballo 250 ml, Heel

Gel that acts from the first symptoms, calming the severe eye irritation, dry and flaky skin in the pastern, fetlock...

Jarabe para la tos en perros TUSHEEL HEEL

INDICATIONS - Collapsed trachea: Cough in “squawking goose”, which is very common in dogs menoresde 10kg....

Jarabe Relajante para perros y gatos PACIFEEL 100 ml Heel

Manage in cases of restlessness at home, excess noise, training and socialization, visits to the veterinarian,...

MOBEEL sobres, favorece la movilidad de perros y gatos Heel

Heel Mobeel is a supplement powder for cats and dogs that help the disabled in a healthy way. Heel...