Metal cage for the exposure and transport of parrots. Measures: 98 x 95 x 101 cms.

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San Remo combines a classic design with a finished edge. Ideal for espcios reduced. Although it is valid for medium-sized birds, a reduced distance between the bars also makes it ideal for Lovebirds, Nymphs, You-Yous,Parakeets, etc

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The most compact of the series Farm Play Gym. Ideal for medium sized parrots.

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Cage Texas II. The larger cage on the market. You have a separation middle optional.

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Each perch for parrots Sundy edible is divided into two parts. One of them, of calcium edible, you will love the birds. The other, recubiera of mineral Sundy with function limauñas.

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Merry-go-round-Interactive - Portal awards. The merry-go-round-Interactive - toy incredible that brings hours of interactive entertainment to your parrot.

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