Saves Drop 2GR is one piece to avoid the drip in the automatic drinkers.

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Bebedero automatic for canaries. This drinking machine has a valve that is activated by the slightest contact with the beak of the bird, the outlet flow is at a minimum in order to avoid that the animal suffers stress to the drinking water or you may scare them. It is an ideal product for breeders, since that supports a circuit automatic water by means of...

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Does not include the nozzle of the fountain

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DRINKING CUP FOR BIRDSDrinking cup for chicks,hens,partridges,pheasants etc. Opening for rod pusher.

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Connection of three digital inputs/outputs in the form of a T. The diameter agrees with the diameter of the automatic drinkers Acuabird and Magic. Inner diameter: 3 mm Outside diameter: 7 mm (to connect with thin tube)

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Splicing in right angle for flexible tube thick.

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Connector duct flexible. Outer diameter inputs/outputs of 10 mm for tube thickness.

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Connector duct flexible. Outer diameter inputs/outputs of 10 mm for tube thickness.

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Reservoir provided with a valve-float. Prevents excessive pressures in the valves of the automatic drinkers. Capacity of 1.5 litres. Plate with screws for fixing. Holes of entry and exit.

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Stainless Steel filter

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Protector for drinking cup Copavi. Manufactured in plastic material.

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Rubber tube high quality. Special diameter for entry of the automatic drinkers for birds Acuabird and MagicFor connections of 7 mm of diameter

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Tube of flexible rubber. Has the same diameter as the outlet of the reservoir 8 l. and the filter with stopcock. For connections of 10 mm diameter

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Output for reservoir made of ABS plastic. Allows you to convert deposit any container with a hole in its base or in the bottom. Connectable to a rubber hose flexible 8.5 mm.

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Plastic reservoir with a screw-top lid and bottom outlet. Capacity: 8 litres Measures: Diameter 22 cm, Height 28 cm Output for 10 mm tube

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Plastic tank with screw cap, filter, and bottom outlet. Capacity: 7 litres Measures: 47 x 11 x 18 cm Output for 10 mm tube

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Drinker automatic produced in plastic material. Easy to clean, and possibilities of dual water supply.

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Valve High Pressure, with Racord

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