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Ears of Corn with farfolla, 2 pcs, 250 g

- Weight: 250 g. - Content: 2 pcs. - For small rodents and rabbits. - With shell, can be attached to the cage. -...

Twigs with Carrot, 45 g

- Weight: 45 g. - Suitable for small rodents and rabbits. - With carrot. - Help the wear and tear necessary to the...

Villa with snacks and roughage

- Measures: · Width: 25 cm · Height: 21 cm · Deep: 12 cm - Made of natural Wood. - Three plants. - Tunnel filling...

Oxbow Intensive Care Fine

Features: Contains all essential nutrients of a complete diet, with high fiber content of hay Timothy to ensure...
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Crispy Muesli Rabbits 2.75 kg

€4.24 €4.46 -5%
The composition rich in fiber keeps the intestines and teeth in great shape. With additional vegetables to give a...
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€2.12 €2.23 -5%
Complementary food, snacks mix, for small mammals, extra crispy and rich in fibers Ideal for herbivores such as...
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Crock complete apple of Versele Laga, 50 gr

€2.30 €2.42 -5%
Fill Crock pot with apple is a crispy snack and very tasty with the that our little pet will enjoy.   Its...
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Crock Complete Carrot 50 gr

€2.10 €2.21 -5%
Complete Crock of carrot is a snack perfect for rewarding good behaviour or just to pamper sporadically to our...
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€2.99 €3.15 -5%
Crispy Snack Popcorn is a complementary food rich and lightweight for rabbits and rodents. Supercrujiente! It is a...
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Complete Cuni Sensitive, Versele Laga 1.75 kg

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The I think Complete Cuni sensitive is a I think of made with quality ingredients . By its composition, will be...
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Crispy sticks fruits rodents

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Crispy Sticks, Rodents, Fruit snacks 2un. Two sticks baked to rodents, with pear, apple, peach and grape,...
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Crispy Snack Fibres 1.75 kg Versele Laga

€5.38 €5.66 -5%
A complementary pet food for small mammals, extra crispy and rich in fibers. Ideal for herbivores such as rabbits,...

Food for rabbit grain GREEN NATURE RIBERO 800 gr

83% HAYES: Contains long fibers for oblener a correct tooth wear and a good oral health. Provides 17% of fiber...

Premium food for rabbits TIMOTHY NATURES PROMISE ZUPREEM...

Put dsposición of your rabbit, about a quarter of a cup of product. Give the animal fresh food and hay. You...