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Digital receiver high-performance, very easy to handle , intuitive. The Radio receiver Tracking converts the...

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RTS Mini, is a revolutionary system of high-tecnólogia that is changing the horizon of telemetria, offering in a...

LC7 transmitter for birds

LC7 transmitter   - An extremely thin and lightweight transmitter.   - With led light...

LC8 bird locator transmitter

An extremely thin and light transmitter.   - With led light   - Weight according to pile of...

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Receiver RTS + Issuer RTS Full + data Card 1 Year   The new receiver offers benefits in real-time are...

Possibly discovered in China, spread across time and continents through the different peoples, and sport of kings and nobles in the Middle Ages, falconry remains a booming art.

Are you a falconer? Then you are sure to look for the best products for your bird, because the good care of it is completely linked to this activity. If you need falconry products,you're in the right place!

In Bird Add-ons we care about the care of these animals in any field so we could not do without telemetry for birds,in this case, specialized in falconry!

Telemetry equipment for falconry

Within all the equipment you may need to develop this activity, telemetry products for falconry are among the most required because in much of Spain their use is mandatory.

No longer only for mandatory use in almost all autonomous communities, the use of telemetry equipment for falconry is recommended so that your bird is not lost. It's common to quickly lose sight of it almost the moment you start the flight, so with such equipment you'll be calmer.

In addition, in case of loss, you will be able to find your bird quickly thanks to the telemetry in falconry. Any expert falconer will recommend the use of this technology because, in addition, you will find it cheaper than getting hold of another bird and the care and training that this entails.

In Bird Add-ons you can find telemetry for cheap falconry to be able to develop this beautiful activity with total tranquility. Its placement in your bird is simple and comfortable for your flight, always thinking about autonomy and safety for the animal.

We have telemetry equipment for advanced falconry, which through GPS technology informs in real time of the location, regardless of the height of the bird or the weather conditions. In addition, in case of radio signal loss, you may receive a text message with the coordinates of your bird through Google Maps.

Do you want to discover the rest of our telemetry equipment for falconry? Enter our catalog and discover the most advanced systems to develop this art without any highlight, enjoy the flight!