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NUVOLA CAGE - For 12 birds,

Transportìn STA Nuvola Presentation: 12 Compartments; 12 Compartments 55 (cm) Width x 55 (cm)...

Transportin Tino feeder external

The sport rack for birds Tino of 2GR provides the breeder many advantages. Total hygiene thanks to the plastic...

Transportin tino + 6 secondinos without lid

Made of hard plastic and durable. Can be washed and cleaned without the fear of moisture. With capacity for 6...

Trasportin fitted with fixed feeders and internal.

Number of the art.: 201 Dim.: cm 38 x 39 x 18h Cod. EAN: 8033844762447 N° pieces: 1 Trasportin fitted...

Transportin Secondino Small

Transportìn Small Secondino, Art. 220 Dimensions: 16 (cm) Width x 14.6 (cm) h x 11.7 (cm) Depth...