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Antiparasitic dog sprays


Frontline Spray antiparasitario total 250ml

WHAT IS FRONTLINE SPRAY? FRONTLINE SPRAY quickly kill fleas, lice and ticks. FRONTLINE SPRAY can be applied...
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Insecticida en polvo ZOTAL LETAL PLUS PWD talquera de...

€8.64 €9.30 -7%
LETHAL® PLUS PWD ees an effective insecticide and acaricide in dust on the basis of Deltamethrin and Cypermethrin,...
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Loción repelente para mascotas y équidos PARASITAL 400 ml

€20.62 €22.17 -7%
Parasital lotion 500 ml. PARASITAL® Lotion insect Repellent is a product intended for dogs , horses ,...
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Insecticida para insectos voladores y rastreros ARPÓN...

€15.78 €16.97 -7%
Insecticide emulsifiable that combines the properties of efficiency and voltage at low concentrations characteristic...

insecticida antiparasitario para perros MENFORSAN 250 ml

Low toxicity and rapid evaporation hydro alcoholic scented insecticide for external use. Eliminates and prevents...