FELIWAY CLASSIC for cats replacement 3 units 48 ml FELIWAY - 1

FELIWAY CLASSIC para gatos recambio 3 unidades 48 ml

Feliway creates a wellness environment, making cats feel at ease, safe and calm; and acts by correcting and/or preventing inappropriate behavior
Active substance: feline facial pheromone pheromone wellness inappropriate behaviors

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FELIWAY® CLASSIC Diffuser & Spare Parts

Feline facial pheromone in diffuser






Electric diffuser (Dif.el.)



Analog of F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone 2 %.



Feliway Classic promotes the well-being of cats especially when faced with changes in their environment or situations that can cause them stress. This stress manifests it with changes in their behavior and with the appearance of inappropriate behaviors, such as urine marking, scratches, aggressiveness, changes of appetite, hide, etc.

Feliway Classic Diffuser is a synthetic copy of the F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone and is released through warming.

Feliway Classic is species-specific. It is completely natural and has no calming effect on humans or any other species.

It is clinically proven that the Feliway Classic product range, being a copy of feline facial pheromone, provides confidence to kittens and cats of all ages, helping them feel calm and safe when they need to adapt to new environments and changes in their environment (adoption, moving, holiday home, residence stay, new furniture, new pets at home or a new family member) , to stressful situations (home parties, firecrackers or fireworks), houses with several cats, car trips or visits to the veterinarian.



The electric diffuser has been developed specifically for this product. Product properties cannot be guaranteed if a different appliance is used. This Presentation of Feliway Classic is not intended for use without the diffuser.



Cats: Feliway Classic Diffuser improves cat well-being and helps prevent and decrease inappropriate stress-related behaviors, such as dialing with urine, marking with vertical scratches, loss of appetite, decreased desire to play, or decreased interactions with owners.

Potentially stressful situations in which Feliway Classic Diffuser helps:

• Living with other cats

• Changes of address

• Stays in residences

• After hospitalization


• Furniture changes

• Periods in second residence

• Arrival of a new family member or pet

• Introduction of a new cat at home

• Home parties, visits

• Loud noises: firecrackers, fireworks, storms...



Feliway Classic has no contraindications and can be used in combination with any treatment.



Environmental diffusion for chemoreceptor stimulation.



Recommendations for use:

Urine marking: minimum 1 month.

Environment Changes (New Family Members (Babies, Pets, etc.), Renovations/New Home):   Start using them at least 24 hours before changes and maintain at least one month.

Stressful moments (Vacation, Holidays, firecrackers, thunder):   start using it at least 24h before times of stress and keep at least 1 week.

Arrival of a new cat at home (prevention of inappropriate behaviors and marking with urine and scratches): recommended to decrease the overall stress level


Cats: Place it in the room where the cat or cats spend most of their time. Screw the replacement into the diffuser and plug into the current.

• A diffuser for 50 70 m2. For larger spaces it is recommended to use 2 diffusers. Duration: approximately 30 days (48 ml).

• The diffuser must be kept plugged in continuously. Upright.

• Every 6 months of continuous use or 6 spare parts used, the diffuser must be renewed.

• Do not plug behind or under furniture, in high-ventilation locations, in multiple plugs or extension cords.



• It is recommended to renew the electric diffuser after 6 months of continuous use or after the use of 6 replacement vials (including the first).

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Use only with a voltage of 220 V 230 V.

• Never use with an adapter or voltage converter.

• The electric diffuser has hot surfaces to evaporate the active ingredients and these surfaces should not be touched during use. Do not cover or place under furniture. This may decrease or block the spread of the product and leave marks.

• Plug it away from air currents for optimal flow and diffusion of pheromones.

• This electric diffuser should only be used with the Feliway replacement. It can be used with both Feliway Classic and Feliway Friends spare parts. The use of other spare parts may carry risks of toxicity or fire.

• Do not put it in water. Do not plug it upside down. The correct position is with the container with liquid (replacement) at the bottom.

• Dispose of the contents/container at specific waste collection points in accordance with current regulations.

• Electrical diffusers should not be disposed of with household waste but in the collection areas provided for this purpose.



• Feliway Classic is a reference non-drug solution for stress-related behaviors. It has been shown to help manage stress from moderate to severe, in cats.

• In some cases, additional behaviour modification, environmental or pharmacological treatment may be necessary.


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