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Vitamins TT+Electrolytes

Vitamins TT+Electrolytes to 100 grams On aluminum

VITAMINS TT + ELECTROLYTES oral powder soluble in water is ideal to treat the lack of vitamins and periods of convalescence in birds (canaries, parakeets, finches, chickens, partridges, etç....). Its composition is high in vitamins, amino acids and minerals.


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Composition g:

Vitamin 9,000 U. I.

Vitamin D3 7.200 U. I. α

-Tocopherol Acetate, and 5.4 mg

Vitamin K3 9,6 mg

Vitamin B2 9,6 mg

Vitamin B6 5,4 mg

Vitamin B12 27 mcg

Nicotinic acid 45 mg

Calcium pantothenate 15 mg

L-Ascorbic acid 3 mg

Sodium chloride, 150 mg Sodium carbonate to 11.5 mg

Potassium chloride 0.6 mg

Calcium lactate to 27.2 mg

Magnesium sulfate is 12.3 mg

Manganese sulfate 9,6 mg

Iron sulfate 3.4 mg

Copper sulfate 0.7 mg

Zinc sulphate 3 mg

Cobalt sulfate 20 mcg

Excipients, c. s.

TARGET SPECIES Bird DOSE Poultry: 2 g. for each liter of drinking water.

Manage for 8-10 days. Oral in the drinking water.

DISEASES Avitaminosis Convalescence

WAITING TIME is Not accurate.

OBSERVATIONS do Not require a prescription veterinary.

PRESENTATION Carton containing 100 g.


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