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Avizoon Natur Serine micro pills, (preventive 100% natural). For birds

Avizoon Natur Serine micro pills, (preventive 100% natural). For birds

Avizoon Natur Serine micro pills, (preventive 100% natural). For birds


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Avizoon Natur Serine, micro pills 100% natural to prevent intestinal disorders and respiratory

NaturSerine is a completely natural product that provides health to the birds, their well-being and energy.

With many revitalising properties, improves the feed conversion ratio of the birds, as that significantly increases the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and optimizes assimilation of nutrients, with an induced effect in the energy of the animals.

Propolis is used for its immense beneficial properties, causing the fluidization of the bronchial secretions and promote expectoration, and to strengthen synergy of the antiseptic effect of the essential oils. It is a substance that earns at present a particular interest, as it poses no undesirable effect.


- Prevents digestive disorders and respiratory

- Keeps the birds in good health

- Has revitalizing properties

- Improves metabolism of food

- Optimizes the assimilation of nutrients


- Propolis

- Turmeric

- Plant extracts flavorings

- Lactose

- Sólice colloidal


- Canaries, wild and other birds of similar weight: 1 tablet per bird

- Exotic (mandarins, diamonds or similar). 1/2 tablet per bird

- Parakeets and lovebirds: 2 tablets per bird

- Parrots and similar: 3 tablets per bird

The treatment should last for 4-6 consecutive days

Mode of application of the pads:

1. Introduce the tablet in the applicator included.

2. Grab the bird with one hand and with the nail of the thumb to open the beak.

3. With your other hand, insert the tip of the applicator into the oral cavity of the bird, above the tongue.

4. Press the plunger to deposit the pill into the throat.

5. Keep the bird's beak closed for a few seconds and, at the same time, massaging the throat to facilitate swallowing.


- Pot of 40 micro-tablets with applicator


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