Flashlight-led light, made of aluminium, ideal for the observation of the eggs without handling them.


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With this Led flashlight (ovoscopio) made of aluminium, you will be able to see clearly and without having to take the eggs with the hand, and if these are fertilized. The flashlight produces a light powerful enough to see the inside of the egg but without damaging the embryo.

You simply have to bring the flashlight carefully on the egg, being careful not to break it. If you don't take the eggs from the nest better, since it is proven that sudden movements in the egg in the first few days can lead to abortion of this.

To know if an egg is fertilized, it elapsed between days 5 and 8 of the female and begins to place them in the incubator, you should begin to see a veins, and you will later see virtually all of the egg dark, since the embryo will be occupying all of the egg-less one small part.

At 13 or 14 days of life, the chicken will break the shell and be born.

If all the eggs of a canary were the non-fertilized, it is not worthy to wear down the female incubándolos, in that case it is advisable to remove the nest and put it back on in a few days.

Also if there are several non-fertilized eggs and it is advisable to remove it so that the female hot best, in addition to thus avoid a possible breakdown of these.