Piretrón small dogs, Pipette against Mosquito, fleas and ticks

Piretron Pipetas Para Perros Pequeños 1ml


PIRETRÓN® is a potent antiparasitic external to dogs for the treatment and control of mosquitoes, phlebotomines, fleas, ticks and lice.


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Its active ingredient is Permethrin with a very high concentration to 65% q/q. With the action repellent and insecticide.

It spreads rapidly and its insecticidal effect is immediate. Period of protection of 4 weeks after the application of the product. Control of mosquitoes and Phlebotomines PIRETRÓN® has an effect repellent and insecticide on flying insects. Repels Phlebotomines and mosquitoes, avoiding their bites.


Features of the pipettes Piretron small dogs

  • Insecticidal effect against Phlebotomines, mosquito, transmitter of Leishmaniasis.
  • Prevention and Treatment of flea PIRETRÓN® eliminates and repels fleas, thus avoiding their bites and reducing the risk of allergy to the bite of a flea and of the diseases they are carrying.
  • Prevention and Treatment of ticks PIRETRÓN® removes and repels ticks. Reduces the risk of transmission of infectious disease produced by this parasite.
  • Prevention and Treatment of louse PIRETRÓN® removes and repels the head lice, preventing lice (head lice infestation). The infestation by head lice is less common and harmful, but it causes discomfort in the animal infested.


Presentation of the pipettes Piretrón dogs less than 15 Kg

  • Boxes of three pipettes of 1 ML

You know about the mosquito flebotomo:

The phlebotomines are insects of small size that measured 2 to 4 mm and which have the appearance of a small mosquito. They are insects that are harmful both to animals and to human beings in many rural areas with a mediterranean climate, subtropical and tropical.

Insects are active in the months from spring to autumn and its peak activity is at the end of the day. The phlebotomines act as vectors of leishmaniasis, especially at the end of the summer and early autumn.

you know about leishmaniasis:

Leishmaniasis is a vector-borne diseases that affect the dog a more important and frequent in the south of Europe. It is caused by a parasite that infects the white blood cells: Leishmania infantum.

Leishmaniasis is a disease transmitted by the bite of a flebotomo.

It is essential to adequately protect our dog against phlebotomines in case you live in an endemic area of mediterranean basin or if you are traveling through that area (Italy, Greece, north Africa, Spain, southern France)

The incubation period is long and can last from several months to several years. The gradual onset of clinical signs means that the dog can be infected for months before realizing:

  • Alopecia (especially around the eyes), peeling, ulcers, and bleeding
  • Weight loss, lymphadenopathy (increase of volume of a lymph node), and renal failure
  • Less often: inflammation of the liver, splenomegaly (increase of the volume of the spleen), anemia, and fever

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