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Nasal drops for birds OXYGENPLUS 30 ml

Nasal drops for birds OXYGENPLUS 30 ml

Orxygenplus is a product sanitizer of the nasal passages with clearance and action

vasoconstrictor acts internally to prevent the development and spread of the disease through the elimination of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and trichomonas.

OxygenPlus is indicated for pigeons , canaries , parakeets , parrots , exotic and other birds .


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Apply one drop in each nostril , also can apply two drops in cases of obstruction strong .

In the case of blockage strong nose, one applies the drop to each nostril , it was left to act drops for 3 to 4 minutes .

The then opens the dove of the nozzle and make movements up the pressure in the nostrils so that the mucus can get out of the cleft .

This mucus inside should be removed with the help of a cotton swab moistened in HexaPlus .

Applies of new OxygenPlus one drop in each nostril , which let them to act freely in the nostrils of the pigeon.

Releases the dove to be able to execute movements of the head and splashing freely, producing more mucus.


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