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Calcium supplement and phosphorus in the diets normal bird cage, also in the competition (pigeons).


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THE COLUMBITONIC provides a complex of phosphorus (involved in cell division and therefore growth, and its presence is fundamental because it intervenes in the formation and maintenance of bones) / (Calcium is essential for the formation of bones and keeps them strong) / Vitamin D3 (the birds need this Vitamin D3 for a better development of the skeleton, to prevent osteoporosis) and Vitamin C (natural antioxidant to strengthen the bone mass).

In racing pigeons this the need of a supply of products Calcium and Phosphorus, is even more important, and in the COLUMBITONIC both products are released gradually during the tour, promoting constantly the muscular effort of the bird. In all cases in which the birds are subjected to extra effort (both competitions, hard transfers and long sessions of singing competition, posture, etc, and also in the periods of breeding).

THE COLUMBITONIC helps to a fast recovery with products are strictly natural, without any risk extra.


Deficiency states of Calcium and Phosphorus.

Situations that require special efforts such as transportation to competitions, both of exposure and of flights, periods of breeding, etc


The recommended is one tablet in the beak of pigeons before the test and another at the end to encourage rapid recovery.

In the birds of ornament 1/4 of a tablet per day in the bizcochera, well crushed.


-Lactose monohydrate 39%

-Corn starch 2%

-Dicalcium phosphate 11,42%

-Esterato of magnesium 0,02%

-Additives (composition per tablet), Vitamin C 9.9 mg

-Vitamin D3-0,1 mg


Bottle of 50 tablets.


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