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Oropharma Glucose + Vitamins is dextrose enriched with vitamins. This dietary supplement is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and promotes recovery after exertion dle flight. Glucose or dextrose are sugars natural.

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Versele-Laga Oropharma Ideal Pills (100 pills). Pills digestive great effectiveness. to pigeons. Composite herbal and natural plants, Pills Ideal are indispensable in any pigeonhole.

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Versele-Laga Oropharma B-Pure brewers yeast powder and enriched with vitamins

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Oropharma Ferti-Vit is a well-balanced mix of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, enriched with vitamin E. To be used during the preparation to the breeding season, for the singing of canaries and finches and in case of problems in egg-laying and fertility, or in cases of death in the egg. Ferti-Vit stimulates sexual motivation and fertility

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Colombine Pickstone White is rich in minerals and trace elements. Prevents the palomasvayan to the field.

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Traditional blend, complemented with delicious chunks of gourmet cracker. Composition Canary seed 73%, a Seed of canola 13%, Oats, without husk 7%, Linseed 3%, Gourmet Cracker 2%, hemp Seed 1%, Bold 1%

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Versele-Laga Calci-Lux 500 gr (calcium). For Birds

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Versele-Laga Fit-Oil 300 pearls (pearls oil liver cod)

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Versele-Laga Recovery 350 caps, (capsules recuperadoras high quality)

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Mixture of seeds and cereals selected for the Parrots of South america (the amazon, pionus, carinaranjas, macaws...). Food with vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Packaging: bag 15Kg.

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Mix lightly without hemp. Prevents weight gain and nervousness in the birds exhibition

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Versele-Laga Can-Tax 20 g of versele laga (red dye) For Birds

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Versele-Laga Boost X5 capsules, provides energy to the body and strengthens the muscles. For pigeons racing

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Versele-Laga Ideal Bath Salt (bath Salts). 1 kg

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Egg noodles wet canaries versele laga

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Orlux Pope ovo dry parakeets small and suitable for a raising of parakeets small and the best to you too for neofemas and lovebirds.

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The tasty and energy Rats and Mice crispy Pellets is a pellet-full feed for rats, mice and other rodents are omnivores. That contains a variety of grains, rich in proteins and large granules of gnawing for a long time, real ... beautiful! This is a formula all-in-one that helps to eliminate selective feeding.

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Versele-Laga ORO-DIGEST 150gr. (improvement of the intestinal flora)

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Versele-Laga Probi-Zyme 200 g (probiotics)

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Versele-Laga Avi-Chol 250ml (liver tonic). For Birds and Pigeons

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Traditional blend for all canaries. Very suitable for canaries singers as the malinois or the harzer.

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Oropharma Omni-Vit is a balanced blend of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. This dietary supplement is administrated for optimal condition, better results of rearing, optimal development of the chicks and in conditions of weakness or stress. Amount: 200 g.

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Versele-Laga Ferti-oil 100 ml, (fertility problems)

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