foods for cats


Cats are one of the pets preferred by many children and adults. Although they have a separate personality, are very affectionate and playful and they love to be close to their owners. In addition, they are an ideal pet for those who prefer an animal-quiet, calm and affectionate. These small cats are a great company, thrown to the foot of the bed or on the sofa, looking for warmth. They are always willing to acariciarte with his back and his soft purr and cuddle without limits.

Although to be more independent and need less care than other pets, there is also that they are vaccinated, desparasitarlos (although a bath does not lack, because I already do them alone), changing the sand in your tray, and brush them for not forming balls of hair. And, of course, something fundamental is to give them a good feed, that will be the basis to grow up healthy and happy.

In add-Ons for Birds, you will find everything you need for your kitten is well taken care of. Therefore, we have a wide variety of the best brands, as the products Royal Canin for cats. Their feed, developed to meet all your nutritional needs in a balanced way, they are prepared with the help of veterinarians and expert breeders. So it is possible to obtain the perfect food for each of them, with the assurance that you have the nutrients needed to maintain good health and vitality: vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and minerals.

It is important to select a feed appropriate to its age, physiological state (are not the same, a calf, a cat is spayed, a female cat pregnant...) and his race. There are also special food for the animals that have some special sensitivity or a health problem. In addition, you can combine the dry food with the wet, that will give you greater hydration, less concentration of calories and, above all, a taste that they love.

In our online shop we stock a wide range of products Royal Canin for cats in different formats and with the best relation quality-price. Find everything you need, add it to your cart and we will send you home comfortably. Your kitten is relamerá of taste!


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