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What is milk Thistle? Milk Thistle has been used since the time of the Roman Empire for its natural properties. The important chemical found in milk Thistle, called Silymarin, is a compound of flavonoid obtained from the seeds of the milk Thistle plant.

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Purification of blood and liver to the base of plants and herbs.

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PHITO LOVIL ORNITHOLOGY Hepato protective totally natural (compound 17 plants)

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Treatment of Enteritis and hepatitis especially of alimentary origin (excess of grains, oil seeds), intake of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen the bones. Complementary food with calcium and phosphorus.

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Ready especially designed to promote the function of the liver and kidneys as well as to detoxify the blood.

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Versele-Laga Avi-Chol 250ml (liver tonic). For Birds and Pigeons

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Versele-Laga Purge Salt 250g. Natural purifier.

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