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Protein 15% Fibers 11% Fat 9% Presentation: Bag of 25 kg Are typical values expressed in % which indicates clearly the amount of nutrients (Proteins, fibers and fats) that brings this food. It also has more information on the label of the product.

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Seed germination varied and enriched for large parakeets and parrots with a germination capacity of perfect. High nutritional value, with peas and lentils.

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Mix basic and general for all types of Parrots with peanuts and whole and peeled.

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Mixture, a market leader

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Mix without sunflower seeds. (back red, bonnet blue,..). The ideal blend for breeding. Very suitable for cockatoo (cacatúarosa,cacatúainca,..) we tend to accumulate fat quickly.

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Birdseed of great quality!!!! It is a fundamental component in most of the mixtures for birds.

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Mixture enriched with a high content of various types of fruit[pineapple,papaya,raisins,..] Mix with a 24% sunflower, ideal for almost all types of parrots. Mixture very rich with more than 25 ingredients.

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Mixes thick with a 40% depipas of sunflower, nuts, cedar, pieces of walnut, raisins.Ideal for parrots who must have unaalimentación stronger, such as the macaw, elloro eclectus, parakeets golden, the black cockatoos. Great variation with more than 20 ingredients.

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AMAZON PARK SERENGETI is a mixture ideal for all types of species of parrots african. Sunflower seeds black, Brazil nuts and walnuts are perfectly suited to these species

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It is a balanced mix for a species of Amazons and Pionus. The mixture is very rich in fruit (9% including papaya, pineapple and raisins) because these species like to eat fruit in its natural habitat. The mixture is enriched with the grain of the bird and the pellets extruded to obtain vitamins, amino acids and trace elements additional.

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Trough of stainless steel with adaptive support to all the cages, 450 ml.

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Trough of stainless steel with bracket, 800-ml. compatible with all the cages.

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Mixture of high quality designed for cockatoos and parrots australians who need a light diet. Enriched with granules for an extra contribution of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, and contains grit to help in digestion. Composition: seeds, cereals, fruits, nuts, derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables, exact of vegetable proteins, minerals,...

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Mixture of high quality, designed for parrots from south america that need a light diet. Enriched with granules for an extra contribution of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, and contains grit to help in digestion.Tweet

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Legumes and cereal flakes that provide extra vitamins and proteins. The process of extrusion and cooking of cereals and pulses in snowflake

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Food quality extra for parrots, made from dried fruits and seeds seleccionads.

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The seed foniopaddy decreases the coccidiosis in the birds even coming to inmunizarlas.

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sunflower seeds, extra quality.

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KIKI complete Food for Parrots and Parakeets Complete food blend of seeds for parrots and parakeets. By its balanced formulation, avoid a diet with excessive fat. Ensures the supply of fatty acids vital to the health of these birds. Stimulates the cycles of zeal in helping the reproduction in captivity.

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The dandelion (or dandelion) is, of course, the main meal and most prized of all the spinus and carduelidi. Advantages: If supplied in times of difficulties, in particular, to carduelidi, is able to solve critical situations, primarily as a consequence of intestinal inflammation and digestive functions. Very effective as a liver-tonic and refreshing.

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Bipal Total , (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids). Pigeons and birds

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Amazon Parrot Loro Parque Mix is a seed mix enriched with nutritive elements complementary, especially designed for all the parrots of south america as the amazons, pionus, lorikeets carinaranjas, macaws and small aratingas large

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Mixture high-quality.

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1 kg Versele Laga Prestige premium Australian Parrot Loro Parque Mix, mistura de sementes premium papagaios australian

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