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The Recipe of the Grandfather is made up of 6 formulations are unique and different from cake craft. Special recipes for all kinds of birds. The BEST Pasta of Maintenance and Breeding of the market...

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Paste of Breeding DELI NATURE egg Yellow Wet 10kg, contains all the nutrients your birds need during the resting period, breeding and molt.

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White Pasta wet with milk thistle . 20% Protein, 16% Fat.

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Pasta Yellow wet with milk thistle and egg. 20% Protein, 16% Fat.

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White Pasta Specifically designed for birds in which we will try to have the wings white as possible.It is a white pasta, morbid, especially for all kind birds without dyes Contains honey. Without egg. Ideal for the moult. Not da dore Contains a 13,10% protein and 12.50% of fat.

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Pasta Yellow wet with milk thistle and egg. 20% Protein, 16% Fat.

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Food healthy and balanced for loris and lorikeets

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RAFF - HOLLAND COVA Paste of breeding, soft yellow.

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Bipal Power Pasta breeding for Psitácidas, bucket 2 kg, (enriched with probiotics and amino acids). For small Psitácidas

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Versele Laga Orlux Yellow Grease is a paste of egg especially suitable for the breeding of all types of canaries, exotic birds and native-born. Includes ingredients that encourage the good disposition and growth of the plumage. Its formula has been enriched with the addition of honey 100 % pure and natural. This food is so palatable it is great acceptance...

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Versele Laga Orlux Gold kick wet paste red canaries 1kg INDICATIONS: This pasta Orlux Gold kick red maintains the red coloration in the canaries. Gold kick red has a high nutritional value, by the addition of honey 100 % pure and natural. The lysine and methionine additionally added to ensure optimum growth and a good composition of the plumage.

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Orlux Gold kick large parakeets & parrots is a paste ready to raise and use large parakeets, parrots, cockatoos, macaws, parrots and nymphs. It is also a treat, very appreciated by these domestic birds. This food has a high nutritional value, thanks to the honey 100 % pure and natural , which brings added.

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Orlux Lori contains all the nutrients that the loris and the parrots of fig tree found on the flowers in the nature.

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Orlux Pope ovo dry large parakeets & papagaios é appropriate for a raising of large parakeets, papagaios, catatuas and araras. This pope ovo tem uma structure grossa, or that melhora a ingestão.

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Frutti Kick is a paste complementary ideal for helping to maintain a good physical condition. Your prescription is composed of dried fruits and honey 100% pure and natural. It is a supplement that guarantees an optimal growth, and provides high levels of energy. Ideal for canaries, exotic birds and small parakeets

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Orlux Gold Kick is a paste of egg ready for use for budgies and lovebirds, neophemas. It is also a treat, well accepted for poultry company

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The Pasta of Brood to the Egg is a complementary pet food for birds that eat seeds. The Pasta of Brood to the Egg Morbid has a great acceptance among the different species of birds.

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Complementary food (semi-dry (morbidly) to the egg. For birds that eat all kinds of seeds. Contains the right amount of vitamins and minerals. It is beneficial for the skin and feathers of the birds. With Doré

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PASTE OF BREEDING WHITE MORBID  The Paste of Breeding white is a complementary pet food for birds that eat seeds.

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