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Bogena Intensief red colorant is a water soluble powder, which promotes red color in feathers.

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Beaphar intesief highlights in a sensitive way the bright red of the birds of factor red

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Dye and intensifier natural colorful plumage for all kinds of ornamental birds

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L-Tyrosina Avianvet is a nutritional supplement for canaries and black faeos, as well as other birds that want to enhance the oxidation melanotic.The L-tyrosina, is an amino acid precursor of thyroid hormones and the hormones engargadas produce melanin. With its supplementation in the diet of the birds get greater synthesis melanotic and therefore greater...

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EUMELANINA PLUS is a nutritional supplement of trace metals and amino acids at doses studied to enhance the oxidation of the eumelanina black. At adequate doses, helps to improve the oxidation in canaries and birds melánicos stimulating the synthesis of melanin black.

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PHEOMELANIN PLUS is a nutritional supplement for canaries fawns and faeos formulated by Avianvet. Several years of studies and the best breeders of canaries faeos endorse this fantastic product to stimulate the synthesis of pheomelanin and eumelanina mutated brown.

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Supplementary food for ornamental birds melánicos

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A complementary pet food for cage and aviary birds

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Natural dye

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SUPER WHITE COLOR contains substances that inhibit the production of melanins and intensify the white colour of the feathers

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KNÖTERICHPULVER Pigments for the parties corneas

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Complementary food for birds, especially fringílidas, which enhances red tones in a natural way and without harmful to the liver.

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Carofil DSM mantenimiente and intensifies the red colors of the birds. Manage during the periods of breeding and moult of the birds.

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Enhancer colors black on all-in-caarios.

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Pigmentante-based natural beta-carotene, which boosts the red tones of the birds.

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Complementary food for birds factor red contains Canthaxanthin and beta-Carotene, the content-to-moderate beta-Carotene manages to balance the tone getting a fine Carmine Red.

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NEKTON-R is a special supplement for birds which contains vitamins, numerous amino acids, a balanced mixture of minerals and trace elements and the pigment canthaxanthin.

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On the basis of berries and wild herbs, improve naturally the coloration of the edges.

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Suitable for Canaries Factor Yellow brings out the color and gives Shine.

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Indicated for Canary Factor Red brings out the color and gives shine.

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Bruni oxidato is a complementary food that promotes the development of eumelanina and pheomelanin in ornamental birds

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YELLOW INTENSIVE QUIKO, 50 G Food supplement for birds cage. To intensify or maintain the colorful yellow bird factor yellow.

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For a natural colour red and to the intensification of the brightness and red colour of canaries, finches, cardinals, etc

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To accentuate the colorful red and to intensify the color of canaries, finches, goldfinches mosaics, agata, siskins, parakeets, etc   In the form of powder - soluble in warm water.

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Quiko Red Intensive is used to intensify or maintain the colorful red of the birds of factor red, avoiding the loss of color.Powder soluble in water.Administration: 10 gr in 500 ml of water or 500 g of paste of breeding.

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Quiko Orange, guarantees an optimal color for the birds orange including canaries, Norwichs and Yorkshires, pot of 100g

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Quiko Orange, guarantees an optimal color for the birds orange including canaries, Norwichs and Yorkshires, pot of 500 g www.complementosparaaves.com

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