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PROSOL avian restorative high potency prebiotic and electrolytes, restorative, formulated as a nutritional supplement liquid for rapid absorption and maximum effect. SINGULAR POINTS Very quick return to the condition of peak after an illness or medications. Helps prevent "bad bug" build.

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VITAMINS TT + ELECTROLYTES oral powder soluble in water is ideal to treat the lack of vitamins and periods of convalescence in birds (canaries, parakeets, finches, chickens, partridges, etç....). Its composition is high in vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

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Dac Dacovit+ Dextrose, 600 gr Recuperator. Recovery of the pigeons after a great effort. Soluble powder restorative.

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Based compound of glucose and electrolytes, especially indicated to obtain a very fast recovery after the contests.- Accelerates the recovery process after the competitions.- Prevents dehydration- Prevents the demineralization.- Helps to recover the body after processes of diarrhea watery

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Avipharm of Röhnfried combines electrolytes with glucose and a concentrate of vitamins, especially designed for pigeon competition.

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Elektrolyt 3 Plus Rohnfried is an excellent combination of electrolytes specifically designed for pigeons of high competition.

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K+K Eiweip 100 pills of Röhnfried is a compound based of animal proteins for easy digestion. INDICATIONS:- Extracted egg-white.- Stimulates the exchange of oxygen between cells, thus allowing a much quicker recovery to the pigeons fatigued p............

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VEGA complex is the most complete and balanced of vitamins in the market.

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Oroharma Hemolyt 40 250 g animal Protein, and Electrolytes. To Pigeons. Hemolyt 40 is a mixture of high quality that combines electrolytes and animal proteins. It is the substitute of Fortalyt.

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