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Arnica Montana is the homeopathic remedy for bumps, bruises, bruises, dislocations and muscle fatigue.

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Indicated whenever necessary to disinfect the drinking water of the birds

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Biotopic is a solution dermatological-based natural Propolis, Oil of Melaleuca, and copper. Biotopic is indicated for the cutaneous lesions, dermatitis, crusting of the legs, scab leg and beak, ringworm and skin fungi. Biotopic can be used on all types of birds, from small birds cage up to large birds of prey.

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BETTER THAN EVER...... New formula of ultra Aviform ultimate 11-in-1 (as a direct replacement of 9-in-1). No other product offers so many benefits.

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BETTER THAN EVER...... New formula of ultra Aviform ultimate 11-in-1 (as a direct replacement of 9-in-1). No other product offers so many benefits.

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Natur 20/20 é um product em pó, rico em B-galactomananos of the native vegetation, that helps the na prevenção dos distúrbios intestinais, nomeadamente os caused by Salmonella and E. Coli. Or packaging : 50g

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PROMOTOR L 47 Amino acids and vitamins in oral solution Lab CALIER

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A unique product to: •Improve the health of the animal •Prevent diseases Through 4 effects: •Antiviral effect direct •Immunomodulation •Hepatoprotection •Anti-oxidation

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Powerful antiseptic nasal against the moquita, oral thrush and other diseases of the nose, the beak and the throat of the pigeons

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Murium Bird is a preparation for the change of the canaries, exotic and Psitácidas. Promotes the growth of feathers thanks to its vitamins and their specific nutritional substances.Prevents the...

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Hesanol Propolis 50 ml (preventive 100% natural, against infections). Pigeons and Birds

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Hesanol Sanodress-Plus 250 ml (anti-coagulation and the deposit of fat). For pigeons

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All-natural product herbal, which prevents and recovers from the problems caused by the trichomonas

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New Pigeon Vitality Tricoli-Stop tablets, a 100% natural product that eliminates trichomoniasis and e-coli in a record time. For Pigeons

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Pigeon Vitality Improve 200 gr (strengthens the body's defenses) unique product all over the world-patent protected (synergistic effects of naturally occurring organic acids + B-vitamins). By lowering the pH of the drinking water and in this way protects your pigeons against bacterial diseases and parasites spread through drinking water.

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Preventive against diseases of the respiratory

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Rohnfried Avidress Plus 1000 ml (preventive 100% natural against salmonellosis). Pigeons and Birds

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Rohnfried UsneGano 500ml (Preventivo 100% natural, against trichomoniasis and coccidios). For Pigeons and birds

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Rohnfried Avidress Plus 5 liters, (preventive 100% natural against salmonellosis). Pigeons and Birds

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With tarbenil ointment for canaries and birds of adornment in general (parakeets, goldfinch, pigeons, etc) combine a series of actions therapeutic for the epithelial regeneration as soon as possible of the epithelial lesions

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Versele Laga Forma Drops drops 15 ml (eye drops) Drops of Oropharma Form Drops, is a soothing eye drops for eye care and eye hygiene. This product is moreover ideal for checking the respiratory tract.

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VITALIAN ARTRI-PLUS - C 30 COMP. Indicated for convalescence with joint dysfunction and trauma.

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VITALIAN DIARSTOP 30 COMP Natural product of plants , indicated to improve symptoms caused by disorders digestive (diarrhea).

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