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Indicated whenever necessary to disinfect the drinking water of the birds

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Against flying insects and crawling like flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps, earwigs, fingerlings of silver and other bristle tails, fleas, beetles, bugs, moths and book lice, by application on the disk-porous and non-porous surfaces, furniture, hard and soft, including bed linen

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INDICATIONS:- Disinfection of drinking water- Strengthens resistance to infections by bacteria and viruses- Keeps the nostrils white, and the throat is perfect

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Designed for the preparation of sprouted seeds or soaked cooked ; prevents the growth of mold , fungus and mycotoxins.

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Chevita Desin-Fectans is a desifectante, concentrated and antiseptic for the control of bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas and fungi that proliferate in palomares

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Hesanol Propolis 50 ml (preventive 100% natural, against infections). Pigeons and Birds

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Hesanol Sanodress-Plus 250 ml (anti-coagulation and the deposit of fat). For pigeons

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Disinfects and perfumes the environment, eliminates parasites and ectoparasites, based on essential oils.

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Pronafit Pro-Smoke is a composite, 100% natural, herbal and medicated oils that eliminates parasites of the pigeon-house, and also disinfects and clears the airways. For Pigeons and Birds

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INDICATIONS: - Disinfect attic air. - Cleans and clears the airways. - Prevents respiratory problems - It is recommended to use during the breeding, moulting and racing season. - It is especially effective during the moult, because, at this time, the environment of the lofts usually heavily loaded.

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Rohnfried Amo-Des, a disinfectant of the latest generation, which eliminates the palomar or aviaría all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi

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Tollisan Dosto RopAdeno, a revolutionary product in the section on disinfection of drinking water for the pigeons

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