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Orlux Lori contains all the nutrients that the loris and the parrots of fig tree found on the flowers in the nature.

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Millet stick 1KG SPECTACULAR!!!!

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Candy exotic birds on Versele Laga Prestige Sticks exotic fruit Snacks for exotic birds Versele Laga Prestige Sticks are delicious sticks cooked in the oven intended for your pet to be entertained and be distracted at the same time that it is powered with a high quality product that can help you to complete and make more varied your diet

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Frutti Kick is a paste complementary ideal for helping to maintain a good physical condition. Your prescription is composed of dried fruits and honey 100% pure and natural. It is a supplement that guarantees an optimal growth, and provides high levels of energy. Ideal for canaries, exotic birds and small parakeets

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Gold pate canaries is a paste of egg ready to use for canaries, finches, tropical and european.It is also a treat, well accepted for birds of company.

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Two sticks of seeds and baked for small parakeets with honey, among other ingredients. With this feast of honey in the form of sticks, your birds will enjoy a true culinary delight. It is impossible to be bored.

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Delicious sponge cake with fruit to complement and enliven the power of small birds such as canaries, exotic and small parakeets.

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