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Muta Vit Liquid 30ml, Oropharma Versele Laga

The feathers are made mainly of a tissue-proteins hard (keratin). During the moult, the birds have a...

Choque Vitaminico Lafi Pax Pharma 100 ml

  C omplejo vitamin to doses of shock, especially indicated as an anti-stress (illness, changes of...

Nekton Bio 750 gr stimulates the growth of the plumage

Nekton Bio for the growth of the plumage. Especially indicated for the moult, or to correct problems of plumage,...

Pineta Casein 200 g concentrated protein

Casein is an enhancer for the creation of proteins. INGREDIENTS: Milk, dairy products: pure protein 94%, moisture...
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Encelador (nettle + Vitamin Plus E+ maca), 160 Ml

€13.21 €13.90 -5%
Composition: Nettle extract, vitamin A 18.000 ul, vit D3 4166 ul, vit K 2.5 mg, vit B1 2.5 mg, vitamin B2 8...

Latac Calcicolina-P 250ml, (rich in calcium and phosphorus)

The CALCICOLINA-Q is a food supplement essential to correct the failures of the nutrition guidelines, even the...

Seri To of Latac 15 ml

The contribution of SERI-as a food supplement is necessary if there is a discoloration of plumage in canary-white...

Seri-B Latac 15 ml

Prevents alterations of the intestinal flora by treatment with antibiotics and sulphonamides, favors the emplume...

Seriferol Latac Vitamin E 15 ml

DOSE AND MODE OF USE: SERIFEROL is used in the drinking water and in toothpastes. It is advisable to start 15...


Measures: 60 (cm) Width x 37 (cm) High x 29 (cm) Depth

Ferti Vit 200 g, Oropharma Versele Laga

Ferti-Vit 200 grams of Versele-Laga . Vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Versele-Laga Oropharma Ferti-Vit...

Calcium CALCILUX VERSELE LAGA for birds boat 500 gr.

Versele-Laga Calci-Lux 500 gr (calcium) • Soluble calcium for water sources • Promotes good egg shell...

Bipal P-20 (paste-rearing manual of chicks). 800gr

Bipal P-20 is a porridge specially formulated for the breeding of parrots : lovebirds, parakeets, etc Your...

TOTAL BIPAL SUPPLEMENT FOR birds, vitamins, minerals and...

Total Bipal, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for pigeons and birds Indications: - End the deficiency...

Vitamins Promoter, 1 liter

This is indicated in imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, in states of low production yields, in times of...

Fiber coconut for nests, 30 g

- Weight: 30 g. - Coconut fiber. - Digestible. - Unit of sale professional: 12 pcs.

Rohnfried Avidress Plus 1000 ml (preventive 100% natural...

Rohnfried Avidress Plus 1000 ml (preventive 100% natural against salmonellosis). Pigeons and Birds Avidress Plus...


Bipal Plus 1 KG. small psitacidas Bipal plus is a special mineral grit for small parrots . It is a necessity...

Versele-Laga Can-Tax 20 gr (red dye). For Birds

Versele-Laga Can-Tax 20 g of versele laga ( red dye ) For Birds, Versele-Laga Can-Tax is a red colorant for...
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Nekton And 35gr. Concentrate of Vitamin E

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Nekton E contains a high percentage of vitamin E (tocopherol acetate). Nekton E is especially suitable to...
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Nekton Bio 35gr, (stimulates the growth of feathers)

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Nekton Bio for the growth of the plumage. Especially indicated for the moult, or to correct problems of plumage,...
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Nekton-B-Complex 35gr, excellent combination of all the...

€5.38 €5.66 -5%
Nekton B Complex is a supplement of B vitamins to add to the food of birds. Help the recovery of the birds after a...

Products for birds


If you are a bird lover and you have any at home -which is already like one of the family - for sure you like to take care of her and spoiling her with everything that you need. Because giving them food is not the only attention that they require these small pets that accompany our home. In addition, there are many types of birds and each of them has its own particularities according to the characteristics of their species. For that, we should know that the product to birds are many and varied, to be able to cover all of your needs.


In add-Ons for Birds (C. P. A) we are passionate about pets, and although we have articles for all of them, our specialty is products for birds. Therefore, we have a large catalog with a lot of products for their protection, care, and breeding. The foods are the base of our online store, with all kinds of seeds, fodder and food for his correct nutrition. Besides, various add-ons to your health, such as vitamins, calcium, proteins, antibacterial agents or probiotics will ensure that are in perfect condition. And let us not forget about the hygiene, an essential part of your care, for which we have shampoos, lotions antiparásitos and disinfectants in several. In addition, we have articles designed to beautify their feathers and others which help to improve your fertility.


As add-ons, we have a huge variety of products for birds for a variety of purposes. To reclaim their cages and make them comfortable we include a section with nest boxes, small toys, feeders, water troughs, bathtubs, and rings. There is everything in our online store, including products, more specific need and that are not easily found in the market. Go on our website and with just a glimpse you'll be able to easily select all the products to birds for you. In addition, you will find many others-that perhaps you did not know, nor that there were-, that will be a good find for the well-being of your pet.


Come discover a large universe of products for birds in add-Ons for Birds, where you'll always benefit from affordable prices and many bargains are of the best quality. Visit us, your pet will thank you!