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Transmitter L5

Transmitter L5 - A transmitter is extremely thin and lightweight. - With led light - Weight according to...

Transmitter L6

Transmitter L6 : - The smallest and lightest on the market. - Weight according to stack between 2 and 2.2 gr...


Digital receiver high-performance, very easy to handle , intuitive. The Radio receiver Tracking converts the...

Mini Gps

RTS Mini, is a revolutionary system of high-tecnólogia that is changing the horizon of telemetria, offering in a...

LC7 transmitter for birds

LC7 transmitter   - An extremely thin and lightweight transmitter.   - With led light...

LC8 bird locator transmitter

An extremely thin and light transmitter.   - With led light   - Weight according to pile of...

Transmisor Mini GPS con receptor Micro find y tarjeta de...

Receiver RTS + Issuer RTS Full + data Card 1 Year   The new receiver offers benefits in real-time are...

Are you a bird-breeding lover? Do you practice falconry? Colombiculture? In Bird Add-ons we have telemetry equipment for birds that will adapt to your needs, and those of your bird!

Regardless of the activity you do, you can find the bird telemetry material that best suits it. In case you are a falconer, you will find briefcases with enough technology to help you on your hunting day. You want to check it out? Discover our products specialized in falconry!

In case you are looking for telemetry for birds within the field of Colombiculture you have light equipment perfect for the size of the pigeons. With great range and autonomy you will be able to know where the pigeon is without any difficulty.

As you know, in Bird Add-ons we are lovers of Colombiculture, that is why we look and offer you the best products for pigeons.

The mini GPS available on our website are advanced telemetry equipment for birds that will tell you at all times where it is. Even if you lose your radio signal, a text message will arrive on your mobile phone so you can see your bird's coordinates through the Google Maps app, there's no mistake with this computer!

Even if you have a domestic bird that flies free around the house from time to time it is recommended that you get a bird telemetry equipment that is light, depending on the size of the bird. Carelessness and accidents can happen to all of us, so with this small investment you may avoid a great upset.

Enter our catalog, discover the diversity of products we have in telemetry for birds and their different characteristics, sizes and functionalities. Find the one you need and do not hesitate to place your order. Do you have any doubts? Check with our experts!